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Chest (wall) pain
Can't figure out if it is serious or not. My chest wall hurts when I twist or sleep on it. But pain is...More
Posted by nazyrah
Chronic abdominal pain after colon resection 8 mon...
My 24 year old daughter graduated Nursing school in May, obtained her license and decided to move...More
Posted by wbrookscpa1022
knee pain
I have bad knee pain. I can't hardly bend my knees enough to get my socks on. I take 6 to 8 acetaminophen per...More
Posted by cp40216
Please answer my question
I have just went to pain management , and my doctor told me it was agains the law to prescribe me any narcotics...More
Posted by mrk4928
Intermittent Shooting Heart Pain
Hello. I'm a healthy male, turning 35. My cholesterol is slightly high, but nothing too concerning. Ever...More
Posted by buffalotones
SCS Trail
Hello everyone i love to read everything cons and pos well i been suffer pain for 4 years my left leg burn sharp...More
Posted by rofo86
filing rx
have had to go to a different walgreens when not in stock - but the pharmacist called for me also try not...More
Posted by TaffySr
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Need help talking to one of my doctors about my fa...
So I have been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, Celiac Disease and I also have neuroendocrine tumors in my...More
DX: Crohn's
Posted by darkvolker
Post Polio Syndrome
Does anyone know how to get relief from Post Polio Syndrome?
Posted by babco1969
Att: Dr.: Fracture of L-1 vertebrae from fall--Kyp...
I am walking, etc. but am having serious pain on the left side from the backbone down to and including the hip...More
Posted by Anon_963
cymbalta to take or not?
I have been taking clonipen for 10 years my new primary dr who is a "new" Dr... took me off clonipen and...More
Posted by bunbun007
Migraine and scoliosis with a rib deformity
I had spinal fusion for scoliosis in 1995 with the help of herringtion rods on either side of my spine, I...More
Posted by bcargill50
both knees done
I am 61 years old. I am 5 months post op with left knee and 3 months post op with right knee. I still have a...More
Posted by renneyk
jammed knee
was standing out in my yard, I started stepping backwards. When I put my one foot back I stepped into a five...More
Posted by mactabs
jammed knee
was standing out in my yard, I started stepping backwards. When I put my one foot back I stepped into a five...More
Posted by mactabs
jammed knee
was standing out in my yard, I started stepping backwards. When I put my one foot back I stepped into a five...More
Posted by mactabs
Heartbeat pain
My 9 yr old has been complaining about feeling heartbeat pains in her chest, sides and rib cage. I've taken...More
Posted by shuffie3671
Stabbing Pain
I am 26 yo currently and it seems the older i get the worse the pain gets that comes with my menstrual cycle....More
Posted by An_261530
Pain & Nutrition
Hi Does anybody know if nutrition can effect pain levels? I have made some changes. It seems that my pain...More
Posted by brew_fool
Severe Arthritis Pain and Lap Band
Hi I am a 62 year old female who has severe Arthritis/Osteoarthritis. I had a lap band in 2007 due to several...More
Posted by dove1952
Pain Dr. for Ga Vet Needed
I am 55 years old and suffer from chronic pain due to degenerative disc disease, previous lumbar and cervical...More
Posted by An_261473
mistakes in the urine screens at pain clinic
I have been going to a pain clinic for a year and a half..I take oxycodone 30 mg..for a variety of reasons...More
Posted by bunbun007

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Horribly Unlucky Event
Hello. I'm writing this in a bit of a state of panic so please forgive me. Due to the bad weather we've had in...More
Posted by naajaa
Xiphoid Process Pain and Sensitivity
I am 68 and have had Xiphoid Process pain/sensitivity for over a year now which my doctor does not seem to be...More
Posted by timzi
male breast pain
my dads left breast is swollen and hurts to touch, he has a scheduled apt w/ his physician but not until march
Posted by An_261426
Pain Management Clinic Question...
These past weeks have been very difficult pain-wise. I fell on ice and injured major joint. I am prescribed...More
Posted by An_261420

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Peter Abaci, MD , is certified in anesthesia and pain management by the American Board of Anesthesiology. Dr. Abaci received his undergraduate educat...More

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a confused patient
my doctors office called me and told me they where releaseing me ,for not having my oxycodine 10 in my system ,which there is no possible ... More
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