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Pain with shingles
I had the shingles vaccine and now, three years later I have been diagnosed with a mild case of shingles. At...More
Posted by seawitch2
Muscle strain in the bottom of the feet
When my feet first started to hurt, I was diagnosed by a podiatrist with plantar fasciitis. After getting...More
Posted by nodeerhere
Knee Pain
I have been having constant knee pain. I regularly do my exercises but I am the knee pain still remains....More
Posted by compoundia
Burnijng feet pain
I have burning feet pain. I don't respond to any pain medications. It doesn't matter what it is. I tried...More
Posted by An_260451
Pain Medication
I am trying to find a pain mediation that does not contain aspirin or ibuprofen. When I take medications that...More
Posted by miers
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Homepathic herbs and minerals for pain management ...
Having trouble finding me a rheumatologist. I'm so fed up trying to find a doctor to help me. It's either...More
Posted by ramommyof2
Neck, Back and Knee Pain
I've had lower back problems for several years. The Chief Medical Officer in the Army told me I had been born...More
Posted by jberlin
morphine drip advice
HI, I'm New to this whole blogging thing,I'm about to get the morphine drip soon.I read a couple of your story...More
Posted by stamez
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Fraustrated by neuropathic pain
Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone else dealing with chronic neuropathic pain has any coping suggestions...More
Posted by j789090
New pain issue
Hi everyone , Latley I have been having a lot of problems with my right hip and leg ! When I first get up in...More
Posted by 77grace
out of control
Hello, I have had headaches and migraine and body pain my whole life. within the last year I have more pain...More
Posted by davistd77
osteoarthritis at a young age?
I'm a 32 year old mom. Been having knee issues for a couple of years now. But only in the left knee. There is...More
Posted by colaburns
This is weird
Has anyone ever had a painful itch that cannot be stopped. The itch is only my right forearm. My PCP can't...More
Posted by verletzung
pain in back legs and tailbone and butt
any sugstions on how to manage this??? I am In a wheelchair. I tried stretching
Posted by mcatholic1992
Pace maker plus TENS unit?
Go in for my test drive next week. Have a Boston pace maker. Have read about issues with both.
Posted by An_260248
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Pain Management for Narcotic Addict
Patient is a 62 year old female diagnosed with chronic back pain, diabetes, depression, and bi-polar...More
Posted by An_260212
Rib pain
A week ago I was in a tight crawlspace. I had to squeeze through an area and popped left rib area then right....More
Posted by An_260205
Twisting chest injury
Four days ago I was attempting to close a blind at work and couldn't reach it so i jumped a bit and somehow...More
Posted by An_260193
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Methadone Question
Every time I take one I feel awful for the rest of the night. Isn't it suppose to help my pain? Since 200...More
Posted by stacytroutman
Medtronics Neurostimulator problems?????
I had one installed 2 years ago, about 11 months in it started burning and getting extremely painful. Both...More
Posted by perronegra
Low Stupidity Tolerance
Hi Folks! I just received a whole lotta emails from someone from this site, claiming to be "Lori", a fifty...More
Posted by ctbeth
Help stop my pain
I have been in pain for a long time. Ever since I went through cancer treatment and have lost my colon,...More
Posted by helplessinsc
Neck & upper back pain
I've been dealing w/ neck pain most of my life. I've been able to somewhat manage with Chiropractic care up...More
Posted by mntngalcolo
Injection area swollen
I am facing localized pain and swelling and area is hardned where I got Injection 10 days before. from...More
Posted by An_260133
Releasing Gas Method
Hey everyone,[br>I'm a 25 year old student living in England and am hoping to find some...More
Posted by dinwiddy
flashing lights? Partial blindness in one-eye.
I've had these two symptoms for a few years now. I am diabetic and have an A1C of 5.9! My blood sugar is...More
Posted by tanjajean70

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David N. Maine, MD is the director of the Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Maine graduated with a degree ...More

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