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My Story:
Multi-level lumbar and cervical spine fusions secondary to MVI trauma.

Spinal cord injury with alteration in sensation and mobility.

Intermedullary rodding Left leg.

A few additional ortho fractures and soft tissue injury from MVI trauma.

Spinal cord stimulator with very good relief from this modality- St Jude's non-rechargeable "Genesis"

Congenital spina bifida

Single Mom with three sons and one daughter and a wonderful partner/best friend, Kevin
Disabled Registered Nurse (still licensed), I now have started a second

career based upon my life-long love of antique and vintage jewellery.

I study Ancient Civ for many years with a concentration in

Sindonology. Being disabled has given me lots of time to study.

I'm currently working on my MALS degree. I have been vegetarian since childhood. Email:

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