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I guess my history is like everyone elses. We are all in pain and have a multitude of problems. Mine started with 3 pins added to my hip when I was 12 years old and that became the beginning of being an orthopedic Because my hip was messed up and one leg was longer than the other it caused an unhealthy tilt to my lumbar spine.
Becoming a nurse, being on my feet and lifting patients never helped. You can only do so much with using proper body mechanics and I was a stickler for the proper way of lifting patients. That's not what got me, it was a trans-vaginal ultrasound! Yep, they put me on a wedge to do the ultrasound and my back went KA-PLOEY! I ruptured 3 lumbar discs in 5 different directions, within 2 weeks I was having surgery. Lucky for me they didn't do a fusion and I got to go back to work within several months. The surgery lasted from 1993 till 2003 that is when I could no longer work. The diagnosis was bulging discs, herniated discs, severe degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, facet joint disease, disc dessication and ridiculapthy in my legs, arthritis, other things I can't remember and major pain.
I was lucky to get my SSDI but while waiting for the determination I started with gastrointestional problems and was finally diagnosed, after a year, with severe Crohn's disease. It took a while but with alot of rest and alot of medication I am finally in remission.
I can also mention that I have persistant left hip bursitis and arthritis in the hip with the pins in it. In 2008 I finally had a total hip replacement which unfortunately did not stop the severe bursitis pain in that same hip. My left leg is so much more out of line with the other leg it has caused my lumbar spine more pain. Thanks to a great PM I have had 2 Radio Frequency Lesioning Ablations that have worked wonders, the pain in my legs are much less severe. Now all I have to do is stay in remission from Crohn's, keep taking my pain medication and pray that everything will just stay like it is and not get worse.
Oh, did I forget to mention having to move from my hometown of New Orleans to Chattanooga because of Hurricane Katrina! The move about killed, I was not on pain meds at the time, couldn't find a doc to prescribed anything for me, even after MRI's.
I am so glad that I found WebMD and the people in this community. You all have made a marked difference in my life. If anyone needs to talk I will always be here for you!

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