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    Hi, i'm Dennis, 54 years old, divorced, two adult children, five grandchildren.

    I had a jeep accident in 1981, while serving in the Army in South Korea. I think that is when all my problems started? My neck started feeling stiff, and sore. By 2004, I realized I needed surgery to fix my problem. My right side was getting weaker, and my balance was off, and the pain and burning was becoming intolerable. So, I had my first fusion surgery in 2004.

    Recently I had my second fusion surgery, on Dec. 31st., Happy New Year to me!!! The surgery was a success.

    I suffer from chronic pain, due to herniated disks. Degenerative bone disease, and chronic sleep deficiency. My biggest complaint is, the burning pain from nerve damage.

    Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!!! I hope I get to know all of you, also!!!


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