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Joined: 08/16/2012
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I have had 8 back surgeries. Latest were 2 fusions from L3-4 to L5S1. I have a spinal stimulator to deal with permanent right leg nerve damage. It definitely helps. I was hurt in Nov 2005 and other than 2 short 4 month stretches of trying to work I have been off the entire time. I collect SSDI and workers comp because my claim is not yet settle. I now have bone overgrowth hitting the L5S1 nerve root and with extensive scar tissue and arthritis am pretty sedentary. I keep taking my pain medicine and maintain a positive attitude. I am married to a beautiful, supportive woman and have 4 children (20 yr old son, 11 yr old and 9 yr old daughters and 7 yr old son). My kids are extremely active in sports and I am still able to help coach and watch most of their games. I manage many fb pages and a wrestling web site that is dedicated to supporting and promoting the great sport of wrestling. I wrestled in college and absolutely believe it is the greatest sport to prepare you for life's adversity--like dealing with spinal injuries.

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