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My story is most likely like alot of people here. Saying that we all deal with some sort of pain and what goes with it. Anxity, depression, worried at times about our meds and what we face without them, having to even be on meds or major surgeries. I am not saying this in a (feel sorry) kind of way at all. I have several disc problems, neck and spine is affected, I have been dealing with this for over 11 years. I try to live a decent clean life and wish I did not have to take anything for pain. It is so chonic without help;

I would not even want or could I tolerate it everyday. I try to always stay postive, God is my stronghold and I could not of made it this far going through not just chonic pain but many issues in my life without His mercy and grace.. I eat right and try to always do some kind of water (lite) water excersize. I don't let my pain define me, and that's hard with a over protective husband, he just cares and I love him for it, 14 years and several dogs later. I still am very limited and that gets me more irratated sometimes.

I am a photographer, published poet, love being in water and love dogs! Most of all without saying I thank and Love my Father God and His Son Jesus Christ. Don't worry, I am not religious by any means, man has long preverted that. Not going preach and be all fanatical. But if you want to ask me something or talk about Faith, I am your girl!

I have a long history of not living right. So there is nothing I have not heard nor probaly done. I am changed and He has to still working hard on me. Ok can't take anymore sitting for long or even short periods so I will hope to see and meet others that deal with pain also. We can uplift, advise, and listen to one another as I don't get out like I really used to, except to the pool.I have to pick our battles now, either pool or store, either dishes of fold clothes. It's all ok when God is with Us.


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