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Hi fellow pain friends.
I'm a history teacher and I hurt my back pretty bad in a freak fall accident.
After having the epidurel steroids, physical therapy, and lots of time trying to decide what to do, I had a lumbar fusion.

It was good relief for a while and I was planning to return to my job. I love my job and was a real workaholic.

At six months postop, it felt like my back was hit with bullet and all the pain returned. My doctor says that it's scar tissue and the fusion is fine. Easy for him to say.

I'm still out of work and not happy about that. I have no family around and most of my friends are teachers, so I spend too much time alone.

I think I'm getting depressed.

I take a med that does help. It's called Exalgo. It's long acting Dilaudid and I only have to take once a day. I'm also looking for info about spinal cord stimulators.

I met a fine lady on this site whose helping me a lot with this.
I have more questions then answers at this point.

BTW, Feardorcha is my first name.

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