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My Story:
Starting from the top of my head the things that contribute to my Chronic Pain Conditions and my Disability Follow below , My Pain Management Doctor does not want to speculate on a single possable cause for my pain but has no doubt when i tell her i get days when my pain is off the chart and all i can do is stay in bed even my wheelchair is to much to handle.
Now mind you this all started in 2004 with a game of ping pong paralysis between my left hand and my right hand over the course of 2 weeks it bounced back and forth until finally in the fall of 2004 my entire Right arm and hand became paralyzed and i was admitted to the hospital for observation and testing after two long days of testing i went to sleep one night ( i have been taking Dalmane or Restoril for many years to sleep) and awoke the next morning in a room of a different color with no furniture steel screens on the window and wondering where in Gods green earth was I (at that time i could walk and ambulate just fine and walked out to find myself on the Mental Health unit all locked in and all the nurse would tell me was your Doctor will be here shortly to have a serious talk with you and he had you moved here for your protection and i said to her "oh great i was abducted by aliens and got the anal probe thing last night huh he could have told me that with less drama" and i could see she wanted to laugh but she held back. So about forty five minutes later the Doctor arrives and tells me i have Lou Gehrig's Disease(ALS) and i had between 2 & 5 years to live i'm like "ok let me out of this cage and i'm gonna go run around and do all the things that i have wanted to do before the clock runs out" he's like thats not the usual reaction, people usually get very depressed i said "I dont have time"so anyway when i started having pain My PCP and i worked the Pain Pyramid somethings worked for awhile somethings did not work at all until finally i ended un on Fentanyl and Roxcy and everything was fine until she accepted an incredible job offer in Florida and everyone of my other doctors seemed like they could not even spell Drug let alone Narcotic and i went thru 8 months of misery until i found the Pain Management specialist 200 miles away , so here is my pain.
C-5-6-7 narrowing and stenosis on the central canal w/ foraminal tear
Extreme kyphosis resulting in shoulder dislocations when arms are fully extended[thats why my chair has a chest harness to pull me back into the chair]
Entire spine shows degenerative disc and Joint disease
Lumbar Spine has collapsed and upon EMG lumbo-sacral nerve plexus lacks nerve activity resulting in drop foot on right ,incontinence and a host of other problems
Chronic Inflammatory Demylienating Polyradiculopathy all nerve roots on my right side are being killed off
I have Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy
Hereditary Neuralgic Amyothrophy
And lest we Forget The Two Myocardial Infarctions and the type 1 Diabetes
or the Dilated Cardiomyopathy w/ Left Ventricular failure
Epilepsy, Hypertension, Enlarged Prostate, E.D , GERD ,Hypothyroidism ,PTSD w/ CCSS (Concentration Camp Survivor Syndrome) It comes from a severely abusive childhood endining with me surviving instead of being the second victim in a double homicide where i saw my Mother shot to death.

To Put it simply I am A Real Mess

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i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
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