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Reply: Herniated cervical disk
Grace is correct, the EMG test just tells you the sensory nerves are working fine. I had...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: No More NSAIDs
My husband developed bleeding while on NSAIDs, the doctor rightly stopped all NSAIDs....More
Posted by annette030
Above post...
The above post is for Tarot.
Posted by annette030
Reply: Please advise
I did not even accept the RX from the surgeon, I told her my own doc would manage my...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: drug screening every 30 days
It is not a part of any FDA regulations that I am aware of. The FDA has a website, check...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Internal Scar Tissue
Try seeing another foot surgeon... Take care, AnnetteMore
Posted by annette030
Reply: Sudden onset of nerve pain in index finger only.
Don't do what makes it hurt. I have no idea what this is from, or why it hurts... Take...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Spinal fusion causing hip joint issues
Does your doc tell you that the hips issue is related to the spinal fusion? I never...More
Posted by annette030
Reply: Is there any hope?
Jezilisa, congrats on a long time clean and sober!!!! Take care, AnnetteMore
Posted by annette030
Reply: why wont dr.s listen to me?
Ask your pharmacist to write you a letter stating what he told you regarding withdrawal....More
Posted by annette030