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Chronic fractures and pain.
HELLO! WebMD! Just wanted to say I'm happy to be apart of a community with patients alike. I'm a 25...More
Posted by CaliforniaCruisin
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2 Medications Added to the FDA watch List
The FDA has added to the Watch list two other products that are occasionally prescribed in pain conditions....More
i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
Posted by TDXSP08
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Foot pain, numbness
Hi Dr. Clarice, I am a 51 year old female in average to good health.Quick health background: Overweight...More
Posted by Montana_Mary
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Wrist pains
I've been having slight wrist pains for a few weeks now and haven't thought much of them but lately I have...More
Posted by An_244177
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RSD and Dealing with the crap
I have found that 8 hours of sleep will not happen. Instead I sleep in 2-3 hour shifts. If the sheets hurt,...More
Posted by proof43
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Judging people with or without chronic pain
I try not to judge people by anything they do if they aren't hurting themselves or someone else....More
Posted by ggladieux
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Joe P
While sitting or lying in the fetal position I have very little pain, but standing and walking I have severe...More
Posted by tusk33
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Waking especially hills
Even though exercise may sound like it will hurt more than help I found that even though it hurt trying to...More
Posted by marieh9
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Internal scar tissue removal, inflammation, pain &...
On 4/22/11, I had NINE surgeries within approximately 3 hours. Due to very limited range of motion in...More
Posted by ChocolateSongbird
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Coping Technic: Rhythm
Often the treasured Holiday Music by the time the Holiday arrives is 4 ME considered a headache...some how...More
Posted by Anon_163882
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chronic pain
first off if youu are seeing your primary care doc. , stop. The fed. drug agency will only allow him to...More
Posted by jpinmiss
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What helps me
What has helped me the most is to do a little charity work. Since I can get out and about, I joined a...More
Posted by YumaMamaLama
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Time in New Places
I struggled with the very same issues you described in your post, both while still dragging myself through each...More
Posted by jobfree
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please look at why why why why on the deissucion bord i may have posted it on wrong borde
Posted by Anon_178788
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Bruised rib pain
My husband bruised his ribs in a motorcycle accident 5 days ago and is still in extreme pain. Is this...More
Posted by jonesy52299
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The mind
The body. The mind. Although joined, treating one and not the other is not good. To avoid depression I think...More
Posted by WillyPain
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want to know if anyone has gone threw the pain im ...
got a bulgin disc between c5 c6 pain goes form my neck all down my spain threw my back... the lower part...More
Posted by shaunamharris
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Weird Foot Sensation At Night
Like other people its 2:30 in the morning and im awake because my left foot started feeling weird again, Im...More
Posted by Eddymonsta
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Found me a great pain management doctor in November 2010. He rushed me through an evaluation and approved...More
Posted by toohotgranny
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help for picking up objects!
Don't know if anyone else has posted this, but I found GREAT help with picking up socks, clothes, etc. I...More
Posted by quazmom
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I have been on the same pain medication with no change and all of the sudden I can't stay awake and am losing...More
Posted by BigO5
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Hi! I hope this finds you feeling better I know finding the right meds are hard. I agree with...More
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I live in Arizona
If you drive in Arizona you can goto jail for DUI for any meds in your system, There are no buses...More
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Patches staying on...
I have had my patches fall off and not know it... I asked my doctor and they recommended the tegaderm, a skin...More
Posted by JKellay
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David N. Maine, MD is the director of the Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Maine graduated with a degree ...More

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Fentanl Transdermal patch system (WARNING)
Hello; If you or someone you knows is on this system please advise them if they didn't already know to never i mean never alter the patch ... More
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