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Posted by GeraldTodd
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Sometimes meds are not the answer.
As a former ICU nurse I am well aware that people have various pain threshholds. I also know some pains...More
Posted by BonjourRenee
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10/650 Percocet much more effective than 5/325 Per...
WOW!!! My MD increased the percocet I take for breakthrough pain from one 5/325 tablet to two 5/325 tablets...More
Living one day at a time.
Posted by Kelly_30
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Neck , Right shoulder and arm pain
Hi, I am 28 year male. I developed neck, shoulder and arm pain about 5 months ago (last week of Jan 2011)....More
Posted by fidogenial
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Chronic pain
Taking extended relief(morphine pills), break-thru pain(oxycodone), & specific pain medication (for a...More
Posted by trb2004
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Just started getting a throbbing pain in bladder area, I had surgery for a kidney stone 2 weeks ago. Also was...More
Posted by deer888
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Opana and sweating
I take Opana ER, Vicodin, Soma for arthritis pain and compressed nerve root. I also take Zoloft and...More
Posted by capricorn144
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after whipple pain
I had a Whipple procedure in 2002. I suffered up to 3 times a week with a pain that brought me to my knees...More
Posted by pctranfield
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Fibromyalgia and Pain
No one on this post mentions Lyrica, but it has really helped me with fibro pain. I really notice if I busy...More
Posted by An_223043
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have taken tramadol several times...i have seen no benefits to this med...extremely weak pain med
Posted by lbwchicky
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Tramadol 50 mg every 8 hours & anti-inflammatory 1...
After getting steroid injections about every 4 to 6 months, my new pain Dr. asked me to try Tramadol , 50...More
Posted by Sharon75002
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I have been using Trammadol for my sciatica & degenerated disk for a few years & it makes it possible...More
Posted by NateTut1
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Sharp Calf Pain in Both Calfs While Extending [18 ...
Hi everyone, For the past 2 days my girlfriend has been having sharp pains in both of her calfs. She says...More
Posted by 14allan
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the truth on pain meds
In theory fentanyl patches work great, unless you count on never having enough due to them falling off if you...More
Posted by hondage
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Fentanyl Patches Stays On
When I first started using the Fentanyl Patches, I could not keep them on. They would come off before the...More
Posted by jaciladybug
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My mother asked me to post this message for her. She had the following reactions to the drug (1 dose). Her...More
Posted by An_223037
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Caprice if you are around
Could you Please remove CT's addy from the pet post i have E-Mailed her and less time up means less time for...More
Posted by TDXSP08
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SCS Spinal Cord Stimulator
My pain management Dr. is demanding I get the SCS and I refused to go through with it due to the possible...More
Posted by nautibuoy111
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Something that helped me
I certainly have sympathy for you and your husband. I used to have debilitating migraines until finally one...More
Posted by swinginsam
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how do you live with chronic pain
how do you live with pain everyday More
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