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SCS Spinal Cord Stimulator
My pain management Dr. is demanding I get the SCS and I refused to go through with it due to the possible...More
Posted by nautibuoy111
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Something that helped me
I certainly have sympathy for you and your husband. I used to have debilitating migraines until finally one...More
Posted by swinginsam
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Something that helped me
I certainly have sympathy for you and your husband. I used to have debilitating migraines until finally one...More
Posted by swinginsam
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Fibro Pain
Cymbalta worked the best so far for my Fibro pain plus I take a muscle relaxer at night to sleep. A good...More
Posted by Mamo1017
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Microcurrent Stimulator
Find a fibro-friendly doctor, especially a Rheumatologist. I've been using a Microcurrent Stimulator to help...More
Posted by Bakabodine
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Sorry to here about your pain
I too suffer from pelvic pain (actually it became classified as chronic about 20 years ago). Fortunately for me,...More
Posted by katsmi
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try it
have had fibro since 1986..i have been on flexeril since 1997..with no weight gain, no flares, no...More
Posted by shpngsue
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Fibro Pain Tips
As many of you, I have been prescribed and tried Lyrica, which caused weight gain and no pain relief,...More
Posted by Elisabeth1955
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absorption of medication
How does gastric by-pass surgery affect absorption of medication like opiate based pain medication and muscle...More
Posted by An_223036
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after several years of searching for answers for my deep muscle aches I was finally diagnosed with...More
Posted by pksndk81
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help for intense pain
I had two back surgeries, and had worse pain after than before, I took percocet, and oxycontin, and finally...More
Posted by enid1980
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You are a wonderful Mom to be on medical sites looking for some helpful answers for your son. I am sure...More
Posted by Dallasemmitt
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New Database on US!!
starting next year 34 states have signed up to a new Federal Information System that will give Police Doctors...More
Posted by TDXSP08
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I had issues with my Fentanyl patches not staying on my skin. They would come loose in the shower, or...More
Posted by painfulinvermont
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Freezer Packs
I use the slcka packs or freezer gel packs that you put in a picnic, when I am in serious trouble. I lie down...More
Posted by HeatherNZ
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Alternative support for Traditional Treatment
I have been seeing a Naturopath doc for about the last year. He has helped me to get off my last 2 RA...More
Posted by stacieb21;
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Pain Management Clinics-Forget about them
I have tried two clinics-they don't manage pain, they give cortisone injections & muscle...More
Posted by Boston2CapeCod
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Try an Orthopedic Doctor or a neurosurgeon
This is a shot in the dark, but perhaps you should try talking either with an Orthopedic doctor or a...More
Posted by billykurch
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What are Poll questions?
Posted by Hexhead
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left in pain in Oklahoma
I have lived in Oklahoma for 9 years,and have bulging and thinning disks in my lower back.I mention the word...More
Posted by An_223033
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What is next?
My husband has tried everything possible for back pain, you name it, he has tried it. He has tried fusions,...More
Posted by An_223032
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David N. Maine, MD is the director of the Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore. Maine graduated with a degree ...More

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I have been on the same pain medication with no change and all of the sudden I can't stay awake and am losing weight. Has anyone else had ... More
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