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Reply: Debilitating pain in both feet
Hi. My name is Mary. I went on Lryica in 2014 & since then I've had all the symptoms you mentioned...More
Posted by maryoochi
Reply: Fibromyalgia meds
Aricept is a dementia drug. What research do you have that shows it efficacious for pain?
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: EMERGENCY - Please help a single 32/Male not lose ...
I suspect that you told your computer to go to Tumblr and ended up at WebMD. Some of us have been using...More
Posted by cweinbl
Kidney stone former and constant passing out.
Hey guys I'm new on here so hello first of all 👋 Well, Hope you're all well. Unfortunately I...More
Posted by rebeccaleigh24
Reply: new here and medication struggles
Withdrawal symptoms last 24-48 hours. Anything beyond that would have been from something else. I'm not trying...More
Posted by cweinbl
Failing a urine test at pain management?
Hi all, A little background. My previous PM doctor prescribed 900 mg of tapendatol for the month. I would...More
Posted by An_262175
Reply: Getting to the end of my rope.
Accidentally posted before done. My Doctors all tell me between my fear, how tight Iam on my pills, and my...More
Posted by ladyjaenh
Reply: brain pain? what do I do with this anger from this...
Thats alot to deal with. You should make sure you talk about your feelings with someone who can help you...More
Posted by ladyjaenh
neuopathy from deep vein thrombosis
I had surgery for deep vein thrombosis in both legs three years ago and take neurontin three times a day....More
Posted by williammann
Reply: Left Hip Pain
Are tendon tears in the hips common?
Posted by franola
It may not be Fibromyalgia
Hi all. I am in severe pain everyday. My legs are the worst!!! Seeing a flight of stairs frightens me the...More
Posted by An_261672
Reply: Norco urine test showing false negative
Debbilee, I was taking a generic for MS Contin which is long acting morphine for over a year and I never felt it...More
Posted by finn2
Any ideas on possible diagnosis?
Hi! I've had chronic pain, fatigue (10 years) as well as life-long depression that is pretty debilitating for...More
Posted by lillybit
Leg pain in both bone and muscle
My doctor contends that stains for lowering my cholesterol may be caused by the satin drug I am taking. I've...More
Posted by An_260204
Maybe CFS or Fibromyalgia?
I'm new to this group so I apologize if I'm not up to date with all the lingo. I've made kidney stones...More
Posted by stacytroutman
help what's wrong with me?
I'm hoping someone on here can shed some light on what may be wrong with me and point me in the right...More
Posted by abeautifulgrl69
Reply: Holistic Pain Management Help
After 44 years living with chronic pain, four failed spine surgeries, two failed pain management programs and...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: back sufferer who feels at end of rope
Actually, I don't work with or need a "pain (management) doctor." I went through two comprehensive pain...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Hello Here is my story.
We have similar backgrounds. I've had four failed spine surgeries, including multilevel fusion. Sadly, spine...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: fibromyalgia, RA, failed lumbar surgery...GRIEVING...
Thank you. I appreciate ALL of your advice. I really do.
Posted by painshadow
Reply: Study Shows Chronic Back Pain Erodes Concentration...
Me too! But it won't happen. You're far from alone. There are literally millions of us. Try to ease up on the...More
Posted by cweinbl
fibromyalgia, RA, failed lumbar surgery...GRIEVING...
In the past 2 years I have developed Fibromyalgia, had a reconstructive foot surgery that failed and a L3-S1...More
Posted by An_257908
fibromyalgia, RA, failed lumbar surgery...GRIEVING...
In the past 2 years I have developed Fibromyalgia, had a reconstructive foot surgery that failed and a L3-S1...More
Posted by An_257908
Reply: Too much pain, I can't do it anymore!
Hi there, Thanks again for your help. i hadn't thought of or heard of the Fentanyl tablets before. So when I go...More
Posted by turtle6

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Reply: Pain management for DDD, spinel stenosis, Levoscol...
I have exactly the same condition; but I've had it for 45 years. I've tried surgery four times (failed each...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Severe back and chest pain
Someone posts that they have an undiagnosed pain and you (you are not a physician) find it appropriate to...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: FDA Warning: Epidural Steroid Injections
I've been turning down these shots since last fall, something just told me it wasn't the thing to do, plus the...More
Posted by finn2
False negative urine screen for Norco
I have had the same thing happen to me regarding the urine screen for Norco in my system came back...More
Posted by sherri3171957
Reply: backpain induced anxiety
1. Therapy. Nothing will help as much as a good therapist. In this case, I recommend a psychiatrist because...More
Posted by cweinbl
Recurring boils: 30 boils in 5 months, and countin...
To whoever can help, In the last 5 months I have suffered from a chronic Staph Infection (confirmed...More
Posted by robertthomas89

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I used to be a happy single work a holic mom that literally had no life away from my insatiable desire to move up , do well and be the best at my job....More

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Naloxone ?Reboots? Opioid Pain-Relief System
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