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Getting to the end of my rope.
Hello everyone I am a new member here and I would appreciate your insight and suggestions regarding my...More
Posted by An_254324
Shin Splints
Hello my name's Hillary. I recently started doing Roller Derby locally and I have developed what my coach...More
Posted by HLedford1991
Trigeminal neuralgia awareness day is Oct. 7
Here is my SONG TO TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA. I hope you will...More
Posted by leejcaroll

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Post-stroke Burning Sensation
My aunt, who is in her 80s, had a stroke a number of years ago and has continued to have TIAs. She's actually...More
Posted by MikeAls
norco test fail
my mom was going to a pain treatment center and she was taking5/325 Norco I know for a fact she was taking...More
Posted by early1956
norco test fail
my mom was going to a pain treatment center and she was taking5/325 Norco I know for a fact she was taking...More
Posted by early1956
Lower leg pain
I am the primary caregiver to my 88 yr. old dad. He is doing really well but suffers from lower leg pain. He...More
Posted by czygine
i have Uterine Fibroids and am pregnant
have Uterine Fibroids and was wondering if any one has anyways to manage the pain More
Posted by k_ball
Need Advice please.
I have been suffering fro m neck pain on and off all my life because of a neck surgery on my vertrabae when i...More
Posted by An_252100
Norco urine test showing false negative
Hi, everyone. New to this community - hope to learn and offer support. Like most chronic patients I've been...More
Posted by debbilee
Mysterious Condition
Hello, I am writing because I'm not sure what else to do. My step-mother has something wrong with her that...More
Posted by johnpurser
Pain relief
I have tried brainsync techonolgy that helped a lot with my severe chronic migraines: ...More
Posted by angela21
You obviously read a lot. Your injury probably has led to you current condition. How much have you read...More
Posted by Cosmic_Charley
I have arthritis of the Neck-Spine, Birthdefect of the lower spine-something do do with lumbar-nerve sac...More
Posted by OUCloud2
Lower Back Issues...HELP!
Hi all, I am a 35 y.o. female & after dealing with lower back & hip pain for about 3 years I may finally...More
Posted by klav99
Suffering from TMJ or TMD
I honestly feel that my disk is out in my jaw. The left jaw bone moves even when I just lower my head. It has...More
Posted by samarie
can't take the pain much longer.
for the last 9 months.. theres been a pain in both of my feet that i cant even begin to describe. It...More
Posted by misscarriea7x
Facet Rhyzotomy for pain control
I had the left side done almost 3 weeks ago and the right side done about 2 weeks ago. After the first one the...More
Posted by Jenrick
Chest pains
Since early high school (around 15yrs old, I'm 23 now) I've had chest pains located on my left side....More
Posted by bubblebeam09212
oh my goodness THE PAIN
Hi, I have been in a auto accident that almost broke my neck. I now have a reversed cervical curve. My neck...More
Posted by cervical66
Hey, I hope you're doing alright. I have weened from 100 mcg's of fentanyl down to 12mcg's Q 48. Tonight...More
Posted by bren_bren
Incompetent doctors in Memphis Tn
Does anyone in the Memphis, TN area know of a competent Fibromyalgia / RA Doctor. I have been diagnosed with...More
Posted by ZUES2013
Back / Hip Pain
I was hoping someone could help! I am a 35 Year Old Female. For about 2 and a half years now, I have been having...More
Posted by klav99
Severe Joint Pain and Negative tests :(
Hi all....I and 32 years old have been having severe pain for about 8 months now. It started in my knee...More
Posted by Lawoman252
Hi my name is Kinsey Morlang and I have been dealing with CRPS for 3 years but only got a diagnosis in...More
Posted by Soccerkim99
pain mgmt curriculum for support groups
I'm new to the group. I signed up to find out if anyone has a pain management curriculum for support groups....More
Posted by Marsha1
Muscular Pain
I have been having total body muscular pain that has been increasing in severity the last couple of years. I...More
Posted by An_248587
Chronic Muscel Spasam,neck like a rock!Help!
Hi Everyone, Well I've been around here for a little while now and I would really appreciate some Wisdomm of...More
Posted by 77grace
Chronic pain
I have been taking hydrocodone and clonazepam for over 2yrs and other sample medication my doctor gives me...More
Posted by An_248518
multiple knee surgeries
I have had 5 knee surgeries. I finally found a dr. who is willing to take the chance and fix my knees. I...More
Posted by mustanggirl302

Spotlight: Member Stories

Since my onset of chronic pain, just 4 years ago, I have experienced the selflessness of family, the kindness of many healthcare professionals, the tr...More

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Holistic Pain Management Help
Hello Everyone - I understand how frustrating and even depressing it can be to be in chronic pain. I also understand how daunting it can be ... More
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