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Hi my name is Kinsey Morlang and I have been dealing with CRPS for 3 years but only got a diagnosis in...More
Posted by Soccerkim99
pain mgmt curriculum for support groups
I'm new to the group. I signed up to find out if anyone has a pain management curriculum for support groups....More
Posted by Marsha1
Muscular Pain
I have been having total body muscular pain that has been increasing in severity the last couple of years. I...More
Posted by An_248587
Chronic Muscel Spasam,neck like a rock!Help!
Hi Everyone, Well I've been around here for a little while now and I would really appreciate some Wisdomm of...More
Posted by 77grace
Chronic pain
I have been taking hydrocodone and clonazepam for over 2yrs and other sample medication my doctor gives me...More
Posted by An_248518
multiple knee surgeries
I have had 5 knee surgeries. I finally found a dr. who is willing to take the chance and fix my knees. I...More
Posted by mustanggirl302
I was wondering,do you think our Attitude can make...
Hello everyone, I have been having one of my really bad Pain days,you know ,the kind where it feels like I just...More
Posted by 77grace
I have a problem I need some help with. I went to the hospital on 09-23-2012 to 09-24-2012 for I...More
Posted by Chris_L_Hanssen
too many severe Headaches
Hi,I'm new here but not to the other site! Anyway ,I'm in a bad spot!!I get really bad headaches and hav for...More
Posted by 77grace
Need Advice Spinal Fusion with Multiple Discs
Hi all, I am new to the boards, but I desperately need some advice. A few years ago, doctors discovered...More
Posted by Suzie_Q_76
Spinal Cord Stimulation Implant for Severe Chronic...
Hi Everyone, I'm 31 (almost 32 y/o)B& have had 10 shoulder surgeries (6 on the left, 4 on the...More
Posted by KeepOnFighting
Why Me?
I have been dealing with chronic pain for 6.5 years and I'm about at my wits end. I have never received an...More
Posted by bren_bren
Mpathia gone
I cannot navigate on this board. I feel so much worse now that I've read some of the responses to my post. ...More
Posted by An_243299
I'm sorry
This is probably in the wrong place... But I have been ill for almost half my life... I can't navigate. I had...More
Posted by mpathia
What to do when the only one left is YOU
What is there to do when the only one who you yourself can trust is you? Could sound a bit perplex or...More
Posted by MinsElessMinsE
Shingles Nerve Damage Discussion, Pain Management ...
46yr old here that HAD The Shingles 1 yr ago!...Does anyone else have severe pain in the area that they had...More
Posted by DonOfTheDed

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Pain in my Bones
I have had pain that radiates through all my bones, as in ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, spine and sternum. It...More
Posted by srbj79
Severe Pain After Colonoscopy
I had a colonoscopy in Jan, 2012. Doctor said everything was "fine". I went home and immediately began to...More
Posted by mpathia
Is this all in my head?
My doctor sent me to a neurosurgen who sent me to see a physical therapist who told me that the CRPS diagnosis...More
Posted by SamyLila
My Story :) Be Kind Rewind
This is my first and only support group for Crps/RSD. I decided it was time, and decided to choose one, and...More
Posted by Brandy1998
Chest pain when waking up
Hello, I am 18 years old. About 7 months ago I was in a traumatic car accident when I was diagnosed with...More
Posted by havoc1482
Can't walk help!!
I'm a 24 year old female who has had minor issues with pain on and off for the last 5 years but nothing...More
Posted by misscarriea7x
Hi, I am a 47 male "forced" retired disabled nurse having a whole lot of pain med management difficulties. In...More
Posted by jaws86
How much pain are we supposed to consider manageab...
I have had fibro since 1998, I also have degenerative disc disease in my back and neck, GERD so that I must...More
Posted by An_245624
Not being taken seriously.
Hi, I just signed up to maybe get some advice as to getting my doctor to take me seriously. About a year and...More
Posted by crzyb77
Hi, are you doing alright? Just wondering how things are going w/ your prolotherapy treatments?
Posted by bren_bren
I have rsd/crps both terms are used 7.5 yrs now
hi, usually I just read at sites ,sometimes I see new tx's or meds, I was an rn for 18yrs when this...More
Posted by babyred1975
I fell threw a steel catwalk 16 1/2 years ago..
When I feel threw the steel cat walk @ work 16 1/2 years ago. I ripped my nerves loose from my spinal cord...More
Posted by Sabrena71
missing parts
Can anybody tell me a good way to get rid of or at least lessen "Phantom limb pain." I need to have some...More
Posted by preacher42
hey everyone i have a question
I just accidentally cracked my toe against a door and trimmed it to the best of my ability and i noticed that...More
Posted by Gmanson

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My name is Dave. I am 53 years old, married to the most wonderful woman in the world for 22 years now, and have two great sons ages 18 and 20. We live...More

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RE: Have Chronic Pain and just had a TIA (mini-stroke)
I have had chronic pain for many, many years now. Headaches, neck disk problems and jaw pain. About 2 weeks ago I started having part of ... More
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