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Pain managment Petition Please sign
I am a chronic pain sufferer.I am fed up with being treated as a criminal even when I follow the Dr's to a...More
Posted by gypsyspiral
Is it really living with LPHS??
I have a very rare kidney disorder that causes constant pain in the left flank area. I have been...More
Posted by LivingwithLPHS
multiple pain conditions
I have acute Chronic Migraines (over 40 years), Fibromyalgia (over 20 years), and IV CRPS in my right...More
Posted by ellsworth52
Fell down a flight of stairs.Please help
I went on a trip to Orlando over Thanksgiving weekend,and the hotel we where at you can go out a door to see...More
Posted by dawns61
help me
have rsd/edema in my left hand i have gotten nerve block shots twice a week for two years they dont work...More
Posted by rebecca547832
Pain in all parts of body
I am not sure how to define this, but I have been dealing with cronic pain for many years in all parts of my...More
Posted by wbfroggie
Knee Pain
I have this recurring pain on my left knee. Very acute. It only happens when I kneel or place my knee on the...More
Posted by An_242217
New State Law Leaves Patients in Pain
State officials say Washington's new pain-management law will help reverse a rising tide of overdose deaths....More
Posted by cweinbl
Does anyone suffer with deafferentation pain?
My daughter has been diagnosed with deafferentation pain that causes horrific pain in your mouth/face. Does...More
Posted by An_241938
Neuropsychiatrist Fights Back Against the "Opiate ...
Dr. Thomas Sachy practices child, adolescent, adult, and forensic neuropsychiatry. However, the majority of his...More
Posted by cweinbl
Newbie here but not new to chronic pain
I have a diagnosis of Lupus SLE, Facet Joint Arthritis, Nerve impingement in the C-spine from an MVA...More
Posted by 7yearbattlesofar
PAIN ALL OVER..........
have been dealing with back pain sustained in an auto accident nearly 20 years ago which i have learned...More
Posted by kbaddestever
New to Group....
Hello Everyone. I am new to the group. So I guess I will just start by introducing myself and our...More
Posted by BrunetteMomma
Breaking news from Jerusalem Post on natural pain ...
Marijuana component may ease pain, according to researchers at Temple University School of Pharmacy. They...More
Posted by rriverajr
serious pain plz help
ive been going thru a series of problems. first i have pain in my chest..the pain is hard to describe its...More
Posted by chrisw101
Need any answers I can
Hello, Im a 24 yr old female who was just diagnost with neuropathy from my doc. She didn't tell me much just...More
Need any answers I can
Hello, Im a 24 yr old female who was just diagnost with neuropathy from my doc. She didn't tell me much just...More
How I feel of pain management
I have blown disks that blew from the inside out, sjgroens,lupus, nueropathic leg pain and of course last...More
Posted by bonniez45
leg pain
I have a terrible back 3 operations, and no relief. But that is not what I am writing about. Lately I have...More
Posted by An_240324
Anyone have it or know anyone with it? I have had arachnoiitis since 2001 and it makes life very challenging...More
Posted by Jodimaem
various mysterious ailments
hello, i'm writing for help for my father. he has diabetes, which is mostly under control, but i'm writing...More
Posted by An_240153
Chronic Pain
I find that when you tell people you suffer from chronic pain, they make many assumptions. I tend to be more...More
Posted by An_240052
Pain in the Neck and Back
In early June I was diagnosed with cervical sprain post MVA end of May and was prescribed an NSAID, muscle...More
Posted by PrincessNYC
Still Severe pain in back after Major Surgery - H...
I am into my 9 mo. after having major surgery. My surgeon placed a Brace in my back and then fusion's grow...More
Posted by piggy80218
Is there anything that help with the pain? I have 600mg ibuprofen and tramadol ( a few) ice just numbs it and...More
Posted by tardis10
Opioid exposure causes brian changes. Some appear...
Researchers at Stanford University, California, conducted a longitudinal, MRI study examining 10 individuals...More
Posted by cweinbl
I am starting a blog for anyone who has back pain or chronic pain like me. I am hopping to get alot of...More
Posted by Anon_229981
I am new to this but I have been in horrible pain ...
I had hand surgery over 1 1/2 years ago and the pain after the surgery never went away. I have constant burning...More
Posted by mama111
I have been there
I have had this disease for six year's.I have found going to a local pain clinic for classes in pain...More
Posted by painwomen
Common Treatments Fail to Relieve Chronic Pain
C urrently available treatments for chronic noncancer pain are unable to alleviate pain or restore functioning...More
Posted by cweinbl

Spotlight: Member Stories

Multi-level lumbar and cervical spine fusions secondary to MVI trauma. Spinal cord injury with alteration in sensation and mobility. Intermedull...More

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Holistic Pain Management Help
Hello Everyone - I understand how frustrating and even depressing it can be to be in chronic pain. I also understand how daunting it can be ... More
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