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ankle pain
Thanks for reading. I have been having pain in my left ankle that on a scale of 1-10 can reach an 8. Its...More
Posted by aaronsedge
Unknown muscle pain?
I registered to this forum because I have nowhere else to ask. I've seen doctors and they don't know what is...More
Posted by Hawkweed
Chronic pain patient - with perplexing issue
A few weeks ago I saw a pain specialist who specializes in Spinal problems. I have several bulging discs in...More
Posted by An_223014
A Question
Hello :> My name is Rikku, I'm 20 yrs old and I broke my left shoulder/collar when I was 9. And...More
Posted by EternityRikku
RFA Pain
Today is a bad pain for me. I have a few things wrong with my spine and lower back. I have severe arthritis in...More
Posted by CtPaula

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Help! Excessive Chronic pain
I have had chronic pain for over 14 years now.I am a 24 year old female.These are my symptoms: ·...More
Posted by broken_prophet
Pain in right/left hand
Recently I've been having pain in my hands when I'm sleeping. I work for Pepsi doing various jobs. I was doing...More
Posted by bnporter
Leg Muscle Pain
Hello, I am 38 years old and I have been having pain in the thighs of both of my legs for about a year now. My...More
Posted by kooler72
what should I do?
I have been living with severe pain for many years and in 2009 was diagnosed with RSD. I have been on...More
Posted by diamondjewl69
please help know whats wrong with me
I forgot to say that I am a diabetic and take oral medicine. I also take anti-depressants like cymbalta,...More
Posted by mammakat07
Please Help me understand whats wrong with me!!
I have been in constant pain for over 15 yrs now. It seems like it just gets worse as time goes on. I have...More
Posted by mammakat07
Can anyone help me understand my diagnosis?
I am a 38 yr old female that was diagnosed @ 22 with Bi-Polar 1. I have managed my illness over the years and...More
Posted by MES4EVER
Lumbar Fusion Patients have Worse Outcome than Non...
There have been variable successes of lumbar-spine fusion surgeries reported in patients with work-related...More
Posted by cweinbl
Neurospinal stimulator implant and supplemental pa...
hi, folks i'm new to this site but long-time acquainted with chronic pain. my peripheral neuropathy is a...More
Posted by tofucookie
is it a law that your dr. give you a ua before pre...
The last several times I went to Dr. ,he gave me ua . Is this a new law?
Posted by ree2please
stopping meds question.
I had to quit taking my arthritis meds due to surgery tomorrow. Getting my gall bladder out. When I quit taking...More
Posted by kron89
Diabetes and Pain
Does having chronic pain affect your blood sugar levels?
Posted by monteshel
duragesic patch
I have a problem that has been going on for months now and cannot find it in my heart to explain my actions...More
Posted by An_223012
Loss of Memory
This has become a huge problem for me in the last 2 years. I have been on pain meds for over 5 yrs now and...More
Posted by missietl19
Methadone for Pain
I have been on methadone for chronic back pain for the last 3 yrs. It does help my pain but I am very...More
Posted by missietl19
Interested in Latin Rx talk so I'm wondering..
How do you write this -;-? Is it Latin? Roman? I wanna impress my PM Dr by showing him I know stuff like BID...More
Posted by Anhedonist
Anyone using Exalgo 16mg. (hydromorphone hydrochlo...
My doctor is switching me from methadone and oxycodone to Exalgo 16mg Qid with 4mg dilaudid for break thru...More
Posted by rjbeck77
feed back
iv sufferered fybromyalgia most of my 52 years, am i the only one who has ''tried it all'' to no avail? im...More
Posted by hlsaunders52
xerer2 posted:
How are you doing?
Posted by charl1942
Cant straighten out leg fully without sharp pain b...
This occurred last night while sleeping when i got up this morning I cannot fully straighten out my leg...More
Posted by shocker350
fasttimeport posted: I am a 36 year old female with three boys. I have fibro and a unknow muscle...More
Posted by fasttimeport
pain need relief
after daughter born (i was 36) have nerve damage in legs i can onlysay it was the epidheral. i had lost...More
Posted by An_223011
Looking for Advice
Hello, I'm not sure I'm in the right place or not, but this group was the closest to what I'm going through....More
Posted by An_223009
Kickbacks to Surgeons for Performing Spinal Fusion...
According to the Wall Street Journal, five surgeons at a Kentucky hospital are among the largest recipients...More
Posted by cweinbl
OSS Hospital in York, PA?
Anyone here from the York, PA area? Just heard they have a new Orthopaedic & Spine Specialist Hospital....More
Posted by brokenmom2

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Hi! I'm Lillybit from So Cal and I'm the one your mother warned you about (jk) I'm a mom of 4 little (some not so little) beauties...1grow...More

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Holistic Pain Management Help
Hello Everyone - I understand how frustrating and even depressing it can be to be in chronic pain. I also understand how daunting it can be ... More
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