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Interested in Latin Rx talk so I'm wondering..
How do you write this -;-? Is it Latin? Roman? I wanna impress my PM Dr by showing him I know stuff like BID...More
Posted by Anhedonist
Anyone using Exalgo 16mg. (hydromorphone hydrochlo...
My doctor is switching me from methadone and oxycodone to Exalgo 16mg Qid with 4mg dilaudid for break thru...More
Posted by rjbeck77
feed back
iv sufferered fybromyalgia most of my 52 years, am i the only one who has ''tried it all'' to no avail? im...More
Posted by hlsaunders52
xerer2 posted:
How are you doing?
Posted by charl1942
Cant straighten out leg fully without sharp pain b...
This occurred last night while sleeping when i got up this morning I cannot fully straighten out my leg...More
Posted by shocker350
fasttimeport posted: I am a 36 year old female with three boys. I have fibro and a unknow muscle...More
Posted by fasttimeport
pain need relief
after daughter born (i was 36) have nerve damage in legs i can onlysay it was the epidheral. i had lost...More
Posted by An_223011
Looking for Advice
Hello, I'm not sure I'm in the right place or not, but this group was the closest to what I'm going through....More
Posted by An_223009
Kickbacks to Surgeons for Performing Spinal Fusion...
According to the Wall Street Journal, five surgeons at a Kentucky hospital are among the largest recipients...More
Posted by cweinbl
OSS Hospital in York, PA?
Anyone here from the York, PA area? Just heard they have a new Orthopaedic & Spine Specialist Hospital....More
Posted by brokenmom2
stellate ganglion injection
I just had my second injection for post-herpetic neuralgia resulting from Shingles. My first injection, five...More
Posted by xerer2
back sufferer who feels at end of rope
Hi guys, I'm Emmie, 42yrs old and a 10yr sufferer of severe lower back pain with radiation to hips and legs...More
Posted by tiredpain
Morphine Makes Me Too Sleepy
Here's the problem. I'm on Oxycodone for break through pain, and MSContin for long term pain relief. The...More
Posted by An_223008
Chronic Right side pain
Over the last year, I have had issues with right side pain. I have a history of kidney stones and have...More
Posted by spldkds
Drug Utilization Reviews from Insurances - More ha...
Hello All, I recently had some dental issues which required some prescriptions for pain meds. I recently found...More
Posted by J999
Hi, everyone
I am sorry, I stuck it out as long as I could hoping that the email digests would make navigating this board...More
Posted by annette030
Good Morning/ nerve damage
I am sorry I have had others asking about me and I have been away for so long. I did go through a regiment...More
Posted by charl1942
finding help
I have several diseases. Lupus,RA,connective tissue disease and fibromyalgia. I have a problem with lots of...More
Posted by An_223007
Pain managment regulations accross state lines
My wife had an outpatient procedure a couple of weeks ago. Her pain doctor referred her to this...More
Posted by An_223006
Diagnosing Painful Swallowing
I've read a host of information regarding painful swallowing, the symptoms and possible causes. However I need...More
Posted by toliviac
Prolotherapy treatments
I'm going this friday for my second round of prolotherapy and i'm quite anxious. The last treatment was very...More
Posted by bren_bren
Glial Cells: A New Target for Chronic Pain Treatme...
Glial cells are promising targets for the treatment of chronic neuropathic pain, according to Linda R. Watkins,...More
Posted by cweinbl
Athletic Pain (trigger)
Over the last 5 years I have had 7 surgeries on my knees shoulders and hand and face. Now during this time I...More
Posted by athlete20
Charl is in my thoughts...
...I just wanted to post and offer support to our fellow board member, Charl (Charlotte), who is about to...More
Posted by bren_bren
Pain between rt elbow and hand swelling of hand
Hello, just here recently I have experienced swelling in area just below elbow and swelling in rt...More
Posted by williambthorejr
My Journey into Prolotherapy...
I find it fascinating to find in recent reading that the possibility of NSAID's and steroids can actually be...More
Posted by bren_bren
effets of RSD
is it possible that RSD in the foot and ankle may also cause sudden and temporary loss of motor function in the...More
Posted by mrrehab
Research Update for Neuropathic Pain Treatments
The combination of anti-depressant and narcotic might be the best treatment option for neuropathic pain....More
Posted by cweinbl

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what's my name?
I don't know why it doesn't show but the post titled "hello" is from me. I'm using the screen name...More
Posted by littlelocomotive
I'm becoming a member of this group because I feel very alone and confused by the effect of pain in my life....More
Posted by An_223005

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My name is Dave. I am 53 years old, married to the most wonderful woman in the world for 22 years now, and have two great sons ages 18 and 20. We live...More

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Study Shows Chronic Back Pain Erodes Concentration, Memory
Recent research observes that people living with persistent spinal pain experience difficulties with mental concentration and remembering ... More
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