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Joined: 04/29/2010
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Central canal stenosis, three massive disc herniations (two lumbar, one cervical, starting at age 17), four failed spine surgeries, including multilevel fusion; two comprehensive pain clinics, dozens of treatments, including off-label medications. Forced into retirement at age 51. Can tolerate only a few minutes of sitting or standing. Retired university director, amateur ornithologist, published author.

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Reply: backpain induced anxiety
1. Therapy. Nothing will help as much as a good therapist. In this case, I recommend a...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Getting to the end of my rope.
Not an enviable situation. I'm sorry for your pain. As I'm sure you realize, addiction...More
Posted by cweinbl
Study Shows Chronic Back Pain Erodes Concentration...
Recent research observes that people living with persistent spinal pain experience...More
Posted by cweinbl
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Reply: Chronic pain
I don't know much about vascular issues. My condition is much different. One recommendation...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Overall-Pain
If you have constant moderate to severe pain, you'll do better with a long-acting opioid...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Lower Back Issues...HELP!
It could be a sacralized L5 vertebra, which is part of my diagnosis. Some of us have...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Facet Rhyzotomy for pain control
Sorry to hear about your pain. Actually, the long-term (12 months) success rate for a...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: oh my goodness THE PAIN
Very sorry to hear about your accident and pain. It must be very difficult for you. If...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Need Advice Spinal Fusion with Multiple Discs
There are still some options. Here is a link for the most comprehensive research I've seen...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: I fell threw a steel catwalk 16 1/2 years ago..
I'm very sorry to hear about your terrifying experiences with chronic pain. Mine has been...More
Posted by cweinbl