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Joined: 04/29/2010
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Central canal stenosis, three massive disc herniations (two lumbar, one cervical, starting at age 17), four failed spine surgeries, including multilevel fusion; two comprehensive pain clinics, dozens of treatments, including off-label medications. Forced into retirement at age 51. Can tolerate only a few minutes of sitting or standing. Retired university director, amateur ornithologist, published author.

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Reply: Calling on Charles
Hi Bren Bren! Thanks for coming back here! I was wondering how you are doing. I have no...More
Posted by cweinbl
The War Over Prescription Painkillers
"There's no question that prescriptions for opioid painkillers like Oxycontin and Percocet...More
Posted by cweinbl
New State Law Leaves Patients in Pain
State officials say Washington's new pain-management law will help reverse a rising tide of...More
Posted by cweinbl
Neuropsychiatrist Fights Back Against the "Opiate ...
Dr. Thomas Sachy practices child, adolescent, adult, and forensic neuropsychiatry. However,...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Neurospinal stimulator implant and supplemental pa...
I recommend some mind-body techniques, such as biofeedback, Yoga, systematic relaxation,...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: Breaking news from Jerusalem Post on natural pain ...
For those of you who live in a location where purchasing and inhaling THC is illegal, ask...More
Posted by cweinbl
Reply: How I feel of pain management
Sorry to hear about your pain, "bonnie." I've been in your situation for the past 15-20...More
Posted by cweinbl
Opioid exposure causes brian changes. Some appear...
Researchers at Stanford University, California, conducted a longitudinal, MRI study...More
Posted by cweinbl
Common Treatments Fail to Relieve Chronic Pain
C urrently available treatments for chronic noncancer pain are unable to alleviate pain or...More
Posted by cweinbl
Sorry to hear about your pain, Allison. Few doctors today will prescribe Dilauded. There...More
Posted by cweinbl