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Joined: 03/08/2010
My Story:
Since my onset of chronic pain, just 4 years ago, I have experienced the selflessness of family, the kindness of many healthcare professionals, the true meaning of friendships, and the horrible feeling of just being alone with my chronic pain.

I started writing on the pain management board just a few months ago and I have encountered so much compassion, wisdom, and priceless advice from others who live day to day with chronic pain. If I had not of found this outlet, I'm certain that my depression would have darkened, and taken me to a place only I could imagine being pure hell.

What I've learned from others here on these boards, is that I'm not alone. There have been many who have advised me of the manners that should be used in dealing with the health care professionals out there, and the respect that we all should demand as patients who provide them with their paychecks.

Chronic pain is nothing that you can prepare yourself for, nor describe to those who don't suffer from it. I never predicted this path for myself, nor my family, but sometimes the true meaning of life and the light that shines from others in it, can offer a "skip in your step"; even if you can't really walk.

I have seen many stories of those who have lost their "best" friends and the support of family - I am one of those too - and instead of feeling even more bitter about the situation, I hope to spread light to others who are going through the same thing and offer support and an occasional smile that wouldn't otherwise be known to them. I hope many of you find solace in this exchange, I as I have found in my experience through the various message boards provided by WebMD.

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