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FDA Warning: Epidural Steroid Injections
The Food and Drug Administration has just issued what's called a Medwatch Alert warning...More
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Fad Diagnosis Facts
Don't be a victim of the newest fad diagnosis. This page is from real MDs who are endocrinologists.More
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Share the Pain
Is your pain caused by a type of arthritis? is a new site aiming to change the conversation...More
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Fibroid Pain
Detailed article about fibroid pain which includes advice on pain management. Main fibroids section is...More
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High-Dose Opioids Can help Conquer Chronic Pain
Contrary to concerns professed lately by opponents of opioid analgesia, higher than usual doses of these...More
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Bulletproof Spirit
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"The Secrets of a Bulletproof Spirit"
resourcesSometimes you need to look beyond your family and friends for support and spiritual growth....More
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Spotlight: Member Stories

My pain originates from a sled riding incident many years ago when I was in college that has continually gotten worse over the years. Over the past se...More

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Naloxone ?Reboots? Opioid Pain-Relief System
Research has suggested potential benefits of using low-doses of the opioid antagonist naloxone to "reboot" the body's natural ... More
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