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You have a 1-Year-Old and endless questions?
Welcome! Join the group to learn, laugh and stay on track with your 1-year-old's growth and development.


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3 yr old son is driving me crazy
my 3 yr old son can't make up his mind on just about everything. we get is huge fight even when i am...More
Posted by momandstressed
Very bad sleeper at night-15months old son
My dear parents, My son is 15months old and going to daycare since 6months. His motor skills and soft skills...More
Posted by Umaram
pale yellow stool
my one year old baby girl have pale yellow poop form last three days..she is also not so much taking other...More
Posted by An_252300
Bottle to Sip Cup Issues
It's always been a challenge to get DS to drink enough milk, so we kept him on the bottle past his 12 month...More
Posted by Cristin74
Picky Eater
Hello!!!! My DD will be 18 months on Monday and she is being such a picky eater. This only concerns me because...More
Posted by candi352
15 Month Old Limited Talking
My daughter is 15 months old but doesn't have her Dr's appt for another week. She is very interactive, but...More
Posted by oboingo76
18 month old son having an issue?
My 18 month old son has been screaming bloody murder every time we change his diaper for the past 2 days. It...More
Posted by toohey0811
1 Year Old with Tummy Troubles
Hi all, My DS is 1 year old. I switched him to whole milk on his birthday (5/9). Before being on whole milk,...More
Posted by landonet
1 yr old that won't nap.... help please.
I am a licensed child care provider in CA. I've care for a little lady... from 6-9 mths old & she...More
Posted by An_251851
stressful situations
Hi. My daughter just turned 1 April 16th and she has been through a lot of stressful situations, such...More
Posted by justmebeingme92
My son who will be 20 months on the 18th of this month, is a screamer! At first we thought it was cute and...More
Posted by momagain2011
Nap recommendations........
What are the current nap recommendations for a 1 yo? My friend told me that even if the 1yo wakes at 8AM to...More
Posted by An_250877
My 21 month old has been battling a fever since Wednesday. For the first few days it didn't go above 99.5....More
Posted by Stacie1517
13-month old banging head on wall
Someone, please help! My 13-month old granddaughter (sorry, don't know what all the double letters people are...More
Posted by An_250996
Yellow pasty poop
My 1 year old for the last couple of days has had yellow pasty poop and watery at the same time the paste...More
Posted by Anon_179050
My son has had a red rash all over him for 3 weeks...
He has little red bumps all over him that he itches. The doctors say they don't know what's wrong and they...More
Posted by Brutal_Felix
Delsym cough syrup dosing for 1 year old
What would be the proper dosing for a 20 pounds 13 month old? It is the delsym cough and cold.
Posted by nasmia02050
14 1/2 year old shows no signs of walking
My 14 1/2 month old has shown no signs or desire to walk. She has strong legs so I thought there would be...More
Posted by mama_bear72
Dry scalp on my 14 month old!
My 14 month old has developed a very dry scalp which I factored from the winter weather season! Just...More
Posted by Anniej3000
Hair loss in a 1 year old
Anyone have same problem?? Have seen predication and she says it's normal. He also is losing eyebrows...More
Posted by MomtoIsaacJ162012
Extremely Worried
My husband took our daughter for her well check today because I have GBS. The doctor mistakenly gave her...More
Posted by periwinklesmom
Early Terrible Twos?????
My daughter is going on 18 mnths and she throws herself all make herself cry. she will bang her head...More
Posted by deschepc
how do i get my 1 yr old to drink milk
have a little one who just turned a yr and the doctor wanted be start him on milk but he wont drink it no...More
Posted by An_249427
Mommy love?
Hello, I used to actively participate in the pregnancy group and now my daughter is 13 months old. When my...More
Posted by An_249385
Bangs Head into floor
When my 13 month old gets upset from being told not to do something or removed from something he is doing he...More
Posted by An_249245
1 year old allgeric to cake or icing?
My nephew just had his first birthday party Saturday, his birthday was actually the Thursday before. So of...More
Posted by brundt
Unexplained Febrile Seizures - Plz Help!
My niece is 1.5 and since July she has febrile seizures once a month. Her first seizure she spiked a 103 temp...More
Posted by tdavis78
my 13 mo old hit his face
my baby ran into the corner of our table with a bottle in his mouth, his nose and gums were bleeding. He woke up...More
Posted by erb87
Food Aversion
Hi! I am a caregiver to my nephew who is 18 months old. He is a terrific toddler- no issues with behavior....More
Posted by Erin1276
Teething, Congestion, and Fever
My son was hospitalized last week for dehydration, strep, ear infection in both ears, and he was raspy in the...More
Posted by THyde

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Hello! I'm recently Married to a wonderful Woman and she had a daughter who just turned one a few weeks ago. I'm very lucky to have them both ...More

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