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You have a 1-Year-Old and endless questions?
Welcome! Join the group to learn, laugh and stay on track with your 1-year-old's growth and development.


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Strep and a 1 year old
Hello ladies! I have a question and I have been waiting for hours to hear back from my ped office...If an...More
Posted by NicoleCMast
My 2 year old daughter sweats a lot while sleeping. Is that normal? it could be cool in the house and she...More
Posted by mommatash10
I'm new here!
Hi ladies! I'm new on this board, I frequented the pregnancy boards when I was pregnant with my 1 yr old...More
Rachel(27), DH(28), Jon Roland(5), Kira Elizabeth(1)
Posted by krazykatt707
Good toys for my 1 yr old daughter?
What are some toys that would be good for my 1 yr old DD? My son loved his cars, blocks, and balls. I've...More
Rachel(27), DH(28), Jon Roland(5), Kira Elizabeth(1)
Posted by krazykatt707
Teething 1 yr molars and really bad diaper rash!
My DD is getting in her one year molars and is miserable. She had some discomfort from previous teeth but...More
Rachel(27), DH(28), Jon Roland(5), Kira Elizabeth(1)
Posted by krazykatt707
switching from bottle to sippy cup
My daughter just turned 1 and we are trying to switch to a sippy cup full time. My son easily used the sippy...More
Posted by mwhite80
Potty training
My son isn't two yet, he's about 20 months.... but his daycare teacher asked me if we were going to be working...More
Posted by orin34
*Infant Tylenol recalled
Infant Tylenol Recalled Feb. 17, 2012 -- 574,000 bottles of infant Tylenol have been recalled...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
This week stinks
I am so ready for this week to be over, so HAPPY FRIDAY. I am a substitute and I had a teacher cancel a sub job...More
Posted by orin34
I just recently found out that i was pregnant. I went to the dr on the 30 and my levels were 32, then a week...More
Posted by mlreisner
How much should a one year old eat?
Having a problem with a one year old not wanting to eat. I am just curious on how much should a one year old...More
Posted by mlreisner
1 year old not talking yet??
Hi everyone i'm pretty new to this but i need help or re-assurance my daughter is 1 years and 2 months...More
Posted by ChanelPatick
How do you juggle it?
I just did another post and it got me thinking.... how does everyone else juggle their family time with their...More
Posted by orin34
RECALL: 1 Million Birth Control Pill Packs
Not ready to revisit that beautiful round mama belly quite yet? Then, you definitely want to...More
Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
Where did you have your LO?
Home births seem to be on the rise , again. While they aren't for everyone, many mothers do go...More
Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
1st Birthday Party Ideas...
DS2 doesn't turn 1 until May 3rd, but we plan on going on vacation in Florida that same month and I want to...More
Me (25) SO (25) DS (7/22/09) EDD (5/10/11)
Posted by sdadkin
MMR vaccine reaction
Has anyone else had their child react badly to the MMR Vaccine? My son had it done on the 9th... and he started...More
Posted by orin34
Switching to more "Real" food - HELP!!!!!
Ok, I need help. DH is super protective and paranoid. DD will be 1 on Tuesday and I feel like she should...More
Posted by excited_4_baby
Religious in law issues
Okay, I am going to start off saying that I DO NOT want to debate religion. If that is your intention, keep it...More
Posted by orin34
Autism in toddler?
Hello. I have a 20 month old son, who I do not believe has autism, but my husband is concerned that he may....More
Posted by An_242666
brushing 21 month teeth
any tips on how to get the tooth brush in the mouth. I started brushing my son at 4-6 months, but just in...More
Posted by island_baby
Carseat Recommendations
My one year old is 21 pounds. We still have him rear-facing in the car but his infant carseat is too...More
Posted by kristi_alexander
How were the holidays? Share adventures and resolu...
How were the holidays for you and your family while ringing in the New Year? Did you do anything...More
Posted by Amelia_WebMD_Staff
Seizures and sleep in Toddlers
At the end of November beginning of December my husband and I spent a week in Hasbaro Children's Hospital in...More
Posted by amwolf17
New stroller
Now that my son is 18 months I have gotten rid of the ginormous diaper bag with everything a mom might need in...More
Posted by orin34
I am exhausted
Long story short: My uncle and his wife can not handle their own children. You tell the kids not to do...More
Posted by Anon_1560

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