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brushing 21 month teeth
any tips on how to get the tooth brush in the mouth. I started brushing my son at 4-6...More
Posted by island_baby
Reply: Daycare and naps
I totally understand where you are coming from. My son does well at home with naps and...More
Posted by island_baby
Reply: eczema
Thank you very much. I send most of his food for daycare, but they get snacks there and...More
Posted by island_baby
I have a toddler with mild to moderate eczema. I do 1% hydrocortizone one a month for a...More
Posted by island_baby
Daycare and naps
Hello everyone. I have an 18 month, few days shy of being 19 months. I got him into a...More
Posted by island_baby
Reply: A toddler and a baby at daycare
Wow. That is awesome. You have some really good tips. Teamwork is a must. I will start...More
Posted by island_baby
A toddler and a baby at daycare
Anyone have good tips for me for getting two childrens under the age of three ready for...More
Posted by island_baby
Reply: MMR and chicken pox
You know, you have a point...maybe he allergic to eggs. he threw up too, but he threw...More
Posted by island_baby
MMR and chicken pox
Well, I thought I was over the MMR vaccine worries, but I am starting to worry again....More
Posted by island_baby
Reply: daycare
Thank you for your advise lhgirl1066. Actually, yesterday, i called ar lunch to see how...More
Posted by island_baby