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Reply: New also!
Dont worry they can eat solid, adult foods without teeth. Look at the elderly, most of...More
Posted by Ihgirl1066
Reply: When did you stop putting your child in a crib?
Well they recommed taking your child our of the crib when they reach 35 inches no matter...More
Posted by Ihgirl1066
Reply: Cutting out the 2nd nap??
My son cut out his 2nd nap at around 12 months, he is now 16 months, and has moved his...More
Posted by Ihgirl1066
Reply: 14 month old biting at day care
My son bit, not at daycare tho. He bit at home, he'd bite my shoulder and when he did id...More
Posted by Ihgirl1066
Reply: motor skill delays
The walking isnt a concern, but sitting up and crawling, i'd be a little worried. My son...More
Posted by Ihgirl1066
Reply: Whitts end with napping...ughhh
No advice but i can surely relate. My son is now almost 16 months and once he hit 3...More
Posted by Ihgirl1066
Bed questions
Was wondering when everyone let their child start sleeping witha pillow, and what kind...More
Posted by Ihgirl1066
Reply: Teething and Fevers Might Not Relate (New Article)
My son is up to 9 teeth and basicaly just gets the red swollen gums, but unfortunetly it...More
Posted by Ihgirl1066
Reply: 15 month old and Sippy Cup
We started offering our son who is now also 15 months a sippy cup at around 6-7 months....More
Posted by Ihgirl1066
Thanks he deff. gets enough activity during the day, he never sits still. He has his...More
Posted by Ihgirl1066