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My DH and I have 2 beautiful children, our son is 7 years old and our daughter is 17 months old (9/25/2008). We are both full time parents trying to be the best we can be.

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Reply: Boost Kids Essentials Question
Thanks for the suggestion. i wish these products were available to just buy one bottle.
Posted by mommyof12b2
Boost Kids Essentials Question
Seeing Jaime's post about BFing reminded me of a question/ My DD had her 18month appt...More
Posted by mommyof12b2
Reply: bf-ing vent
Hi Jamie, Who could add more after Kim's great response. I just wanted to echo what she...More
Posted by mommyof12b2
Reply: Essure Questions
I am hesitant as well. My Md was very positive about the procedure and said she has not...More
Posted by mommyof12b2
Essure Questions
Hi Ladies, Does anyone have any experience with the procedure? I am considering it. I...More
Posted by mommyof12b2
Reply: Does anyone elses LO wake up at night?
My DD is 17 month old and she wakes up once at night too. I do not nurse her if it is...More
Posted by mommyof12b2
Reply: Pampers Gifts to Grow Codes
Thanks a bunch!!
Posted by mommyof12b2
Reply: Pigeon toed
My DD's right foot is also turned in when she walks. We asked the pediatrician at her...More
Posted by mommyof12b2
Reply: The end of an era
Hi Jamie, My baby days are over too. I have some friends who will have babies so when I...More
Posted by mommyof12b2