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Fever of unknown etiology
we are entering past 72 hours with this same thing. My 4y/o son had fever 103.8 thursday night . vomitting...More
Posted by bar911
Reply: Dad showering with his 2 1/2 yr old daughter
I have to shower with my son otherwise I don't get one... I don't see the problem...huh
Posted by livingbless
Reply: The Sour Patch Kid (Sour, Sweet, Gone)
This has happened to my 2 year also. He has gone to a few and what I have noticed is if he is eager to...More
Posted by livingbless
Reply: Gagging
Yes, my little guy does this sometimes too! He's 22 months. He will actually make himself puke sometimes, but...More
Posted by menon55
My two year old gags himself and thinks it funny. Can someone help if they experienced this with their...More
Posted by alexgodsgift
Reply: Boy obsessed with fans
My grandson, now five, is part of the "fan club". I used to worry more about this obsession, but as he's aged...More
Posted by lisaapb
Reply: DO NOT USE THE 3-DAY Potty Training book
Gina, this is actually the official site More
Posted by marze35
Reply: my out of controle 2 year old
omg this is my 2 year old but i have a 16 year old that is just as much of a brat to the baby so the baby...More
Posted by An_261478
Reply: Fever at night
My son also have night fever and then swollen cheeks while teething, Did you have simillare symptoms, his...More
Posted by mathewsjacob
Reply: Toddler (3years) Having Trouble Focusing/ answerin...
I don't this it's anything to worry about. Our son is three and acts the same way. After discussing it with...More
Posted by An_260440
Daughter is in pain..
My daughter is having Back pains in spin area in between her should blades we did an MRI of her lower...More
Posted by nicoleclarkston87
I have a 2 year old grandson who is not interesting in playing with toys, doodling or anything. He does not...More
Posted by lilday50
two year old hands and feet issue
Our 2 year old has all of a sudden started clutching her hands into fists and will not open them. She...More
Posted by bandethomspon
My son is still having a hard time doing number 2!...
Ever since our son was born on May 9, 2012 he has had a difficult time using the bathroom. Doctors have...More
Posted by reginawith2boys
My grandson is 14 months old and is a restless sle...
My watch my grandson about 4 days a week. Throughout the night he is constantly flipping and flopping all...More
Posted by An_260175
Reply: 21 Month old bites herself
Does she bite herself when you tell her no or take something from her?
Posted by humanfirstalways
behavior changes
My son will be 3 next month and he's never been testy or misbehaved more than your normal toddler, but here...More
Posted by cwmommy2011
2 year old boy humps blankets
What do doctors say about two year old boys humping things? My son started humping his blankets/ a few stuffed...More
Posted by elarson
Toddler with Staph
My son 18 months now has been having red boils that wont go away for over a year now in his groin...More
Posted by concernedfathers
Reply: OT: PMDD (maybe TMI)
I got told by my doctor that I have it and when I actually take my medication for it I'm so much better but I...More
Posted by jlboyan
Potty training!? Help.
I would really like to potty train my almost 2 year old, but no one else is on the same page as me. I work...More
Posted by renem6211
Reply: swollen foot
It sounds like a bite but watch could be vascular also good luck take care love terrible twos lol
Posted by imscrewdtoo
Randomly screeching/screaming 3 year old
My 3 1/2 year old daughter randomly screams, screeches or LOUDLY yells mama. She does it while she's...More
Posted by sunshineonsummer
Reply: Temper Tantrums HELP!
I have tried these methods to no avail. one of my problems with this is TOO many bosses and no one working...More
Posted by mishonnie
Reply: sleep problems
No we took her off of naps once she started waking up. And yes the hours are different I work longer days...More
Posted by bcolburn93
Reply: Walking after cast removed
have done this to myself twice! she is just scared to walk. it dosent maybe sore. she will get...More
DS 7/31/11 DD 7/18/12 DS 1/26/14
Posted by mommyin2011
Reply: Sleep Problems
all i can think of is she just wants you next to her as she sleeps. maybe she knows that there is another...More
DS 7/31/11 DD 7/18/12 DS 1/26/14
Posted by mommyin2011
Reply: Penis hurts
My son was diagnosed at 6 months with phemosis, when the foreskin was too tight. We skipped circumcision and...More
Posted by mrs_wonder
picky eater
I always have bout with my 2 year-old daughter during meal time. She's not motivated to eat solid...More
Posted by healthyregimen101
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Frequent High fever with 2.4yrs old baby
My baby catches high fever , cold frequently ; Even after all the tests, Xrays etc unable to find the...More
Posted by shwetabansal

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I'm a FT working mother of one amazing little boy, Jacob. I'm also a PT student and the wife to a wonderful, supportive husband. I'm proud...More

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