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Acting out after Separation
I am the father of a 26 month old boy. His mother and I have decided to get a divorce. I moved to New York,...More
Posted by An_253261
Sleep Problems
My 2 yr old grandson has woken up twice in a week crying for me. I go to him, thinking he will go right back...More
Posted by bestgram
Toddler Hearing?
My grandson is 23 months old. His siblings talked in full sentences from the time that they were between 15...More
Posted by An_252984
my 26 months son has started stuttering from a mon...
My son is 26 months old. when he was around 20-21 months old he started delivering complete sentences. He...More
Posted by marrinarayan
my 26 months son has started stuttering from a mon...
My son is 26 months old. when he was around 20-21 months old he started delivering complete sentences. He...More
Posted by marrinarayan
2 year old gets dizzy when running
Hi there, My two year old son gets dizzy and lightheaded when running. We go to the track sometimes and...More
Posted by ashleyserpan
toddler tonsillectomy
My daughter is 2 1/2 years old and has to have a tonsillectomy and partial adenoids removed. I understand...More
Posted by evarosesmommy
Arm Pain
My daughter's (almost 3) arm was pulled and now it hurts for her to move/bend it. She says it hurts on the...More
Posted by An_252664
Potty Training
My son was attending pre-school full time in when his teacher suggested potty training with him. We started...More
Posted by hmj5678
blisters on mouth and gums
My daughter is 2 years old about a week ago she had an ear infection and the doctor prescribed her...More
Posted by bellalove25
bipolar/adhd how do i know?
my daughter is 2 (almost 3) && she is being horrible...i thought after a while it would get better...More
Posted by An_252578
Diaper / Heat Rash
My 2 yr old has little red bumps on her bottom & I have tried diaper rash cream, neosporin, & baby...More
Posted by sbpmom11
My son will be 2 in august and has really discovered he has something down there. I know this is normal to...More
Posted by momagain2011
terrible 3?
I have a 3 year old son and when he dose not get his way he throws a bad temp where he will hit and punch me....More
Posted by An_252355
Food Allergies or intolerance
My 2 year old has never had solid stools. They range from really watery to pasty. My doctor says some kids...More
Posted by LaReina22
My daughter which is 2 1/2 isn't listening when I say no. She was doing good in the beginning but then just...More
Posted by Red101
2 year old has Tremors
My 2 year old son experiences tremors 3-5 times a day. He basically bites down on his teeth and shakes for...More
Posted by iman_aron
Posted by An_251943
two grandchildren
I have a 2yr old granddaughter and a 3.5 yr old grandson. I am a little concerned and just wanted some...More
Posted by An_251901
2yr old WON'T drink juice
My toddler will ONLY drink water or milk, he will NOT try apple juice (or any other juice). I've been trying...More
Posted by An_251657
2.5 Year old boy coughing all night and vomiting.
My 2.5 year old son is coughing through the night so hard that he starts vomiting and crying, it has been...More
Posted by Rossfahad

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2 1/2yr old stopped sleeping through the night
For about the past 2 months my son has quit sleeping through the night. He wakes up around 230 crying,...More
Posted by An_251535
Possible Diabetes??
My son is 2 1/2 yrs old and very active. Though in the mornings he is very shakey and he isn't cold. I have...More
Posted by CmansMommy
Child Vision
my 2 year old has what it appears to be bleeding from the inside of her right eye....its not literally...More
Posted by An_251281
I have also notice the sensitive gag reflex in my grandson. I know he won't drink anything room temperature and...More
Posted by GRANNA2
Frequent Vomiting
My two year old has the worst gag reflex I've ever known. This gag reflex causes her to vomit at least once a...More
Posted by An_251197
Weight for a two year old
What is the average weight for a two year old boy?
Posted by MO42013
How do you get your toddler to brush their teeth?
I am so at my whits end, No matter what i try no matter the tactics i use it is near impossible to get Sam...More
Posted by Tamber1966
My son is almost 3 and still drooling...
So i wanted to know if drooling in toddlers is common. My son never really stopped drooling and he already had...More
Posted by liz562

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Potty Training Advice
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