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Joined: 04/01/2012
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Mother (30) of Miki, an adorable, funny, creative 2 y/o. Daddy's (34) life (or bank acct) will never be the same!
2009 Clomid, Hcg, IUI, worked on the very first time! TTC, 2012 ;-)

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Reply: Please help. How to get them off the bottle and ge...
think it's time to be a little firm with him, if he wants his milk bad enough, he will...More
Posted by mikimom2010
Reply: Dad showering with his 2 1/2 yr old daughter
also sometimes it's just easier. It's rather difficult having a 2 year old running...More
Posted by mikimom2010
sleeping through the night
My DD has gone from nightmares, to waking up screaming in the middle of the night for...More
Posted by mikimom2010
Night time potty training
Hello, just wondering if any moms/dads are able to offer advice on nightime potty...More
Posted by mikimom2010
Reply: sleeping through the night
some nights are better than others, i think that was just a rough week. She has a dream...More
Posted by mikimom2010
Pacifier trouble
I have always been that girl who would look at mom's funny anytime I saw a child over...More
Posted by mikimom2010
Reply: Pacifier trouble
no! Thank God b/c that was the longest period and I thought we would not make it,...More
Posted by mikimom2010
2yr having nightmares
My sweet darling 2 yr old babygirl is having nightmares and I don't know why. It...More
Posted by mikimom2010
Reply: thumb sucking
I would definitely tell the daycare to NOT put a bandaid in her thumb. They carry...More
Posted by mikimom2010
Cotton Training Panties
My 2 y/o bg is potty trained, has been for a few months now. Both home and away she...More
Posted by mikimom2010