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My name is Deb. I am an Early Childhood Special Ed teacher. I have a DD who is 3 and has severe food allergies and a DS who is 5 months old. I like horror flicks, crossword puzzles and football.

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Reply: So did anyone else
Chris, you are right, but to me, WebMD feels like a neighborhood bar, kwim? Whereas Facebook...More
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Reply: Topic From Yesterday Special Ed.
I believe in this case "RTI" stands for "Response to Intervention", which is a program that...More
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Reply: Special Ed?
I know that in NY state a preschool child is called "preschool student with a disability"...More
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Reply: Allergy Testing for my 2year old
Lurking...the allergist will probably do a skin test there in the office. They use plastic...More
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I laughed when I saw your post about your age. I'll be 40 in July and my DH told me the...More
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Reply: Triggs: Advice Please
Butting in - It's really great that you are being so considerate about this. My sister is in...More
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Reply: Language Immersion Preschools
My niece goes to a Spanish immersion preschool. She goes to the Peruvian or Mexican...More
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Reply: Advice - Friend Visit
Not rude at all. I had a friend from the city I used to live in ask if she could come and...More
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Reply: Joys of a newborn....
Yeah, it's a lot of work all that eating and pooping, right?! Eli is old enough now (an...More
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Reply: tantrums increasing
Which fork she uses is not designed to be a battle or even a sticking point. The point is,...More
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