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Reply: lining toys up
My daughter does that too. She lines up rocks, books, cards, etc. I have also heard of...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: So excited!!
We have never taken DD and probably won't until she is MUCH older. I think it just depends...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: When did you "pop" in subsequent pregnancies
I am 30 weeks pregnant with my second. I know I started wearing maternity clothes a week...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: What do you feed your toddler?
I agree, especially for dinner, it's what we have or nothing. I know she won't starve. But...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: Two Year old REFUSES to sleep? HELP?!
I think sometimes it's just a phase they go though and you have to let it play it self...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: FRIDAY FUN - Your Exciting Weekend!
We have Easter brunch planned with both sides of the family Saturday and Sunday. Instead...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: New Car Seat Guidelines
Glad to hear about these new recommendations. Our pedi has been recommending these...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: Disney Jr-Ooh & Ah
I know what you mean. I think they did away with them when they started the new Disney...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: What do you do w/ ur picky eater?
I have a picky eater. Mostly, I feed her what I know she will eat. Yes, it ends up being a...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: How long does it take
I agree with the PP. I wouldn't sit in her room. It's possible she thinks it's still play...More
Posted by lenono97