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Reply: Chick-fil-A free breakfast Sept 6- 10
AWESOME!!! Thanks!! We love that place and their chicken, egg, cheese bagel is the...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: Grandparent visit - HELP!
We did decide to offer another weekend this month when we actually have plans, so it...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: **need to vent**
Do you have any friends who live nearby that might want to watch Adde? Too bad you...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: Curious
We have taught DD our names but when she calls out for us, if she uses our name we...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Grandparent visit - HELP!
Ok, so I'm expecting in October and DD will be 3 in December. She has never spent the...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: What's the worst...
My friend use to work as a labor and delivery nurse, so she saw all kinds of names....More
Posted by earleyml1012
DD cracks us up!
This morning I was getting ready for work when DD and DH come into the bedroom. I had...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Grandparent vent
I'm so grateful to have parents close by who can watch DD while DH and I go out....More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: Drooling
My pedi said that it's normal for them to drool until about 3 and then you'll want to...More
Posted by earleyml1012
Reply: TGIF
TRIGGS: Exactly one year ago, I lost a baby at 11 weeks gestation and had to have a...More
Posted by earleyml1012