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Speech delay?
My DD will be 2 1/2 on Nov 11th and she is still not using sentences. She has words...More
Posted by chantella6473
Reply: ?s for working mammas
Well, I've never been a SAHM so I hope my advice will be useful to you. I'm not sure...More
Posted by chantella6473
Reply: sitter vent
Yeah, we have a contract. I just feel like I cant complain b/c she could easily say...More
Posted by chantella6473
sitter vent
Okay, let me just say that all in all. My sitter is pretty good. My girls love her,...More
Posted by chantella6473
Potty Training-Good News and Bad News
So, good news is DD has been wearing big girl panties for the past two days and has...More
Posted by chantella6473
Reply: Anger issues
Well, she'll try to take the seat off the toilet and she is constantly unrolling the...More
Posted by chantella6473
Anger issues
So, I'm feeling like a terrible mommy this week. I took the week off to potty train...More
Posted by chantella6473
Potty Training sticker charts
So I'm going to start potty training DD#1 next week and I have decided on using a...More
Posted by chantella6473
Stranger Anxiety towards men only
My daughter just turned 2 in March. From the time she was about 6 months old, she...More
Posted by chantella6473