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Dear Members, Our WebMD communities are a wonderful place where members find friendship, support...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Fruit juice
my son is 4 month old can i give him fresh fruit juiceMore
Posted by Banhotra
Teething necklace for babies
Are you looking for the fabulous Baltic amber necklaces and bracelets for your kids? Amber Buddy is the best...More
Posted by amberbuddy
Teething necklace for babies
Are you looking for the fabulous baltic amber necklaces and bracelets for your kids? Amber Buddy is thebest...More
Posted by amberbuddy
rolling over in sleep
My five month old baby is rolling over at night from his back to his tummy. he only does this in his crib not...More
Posted by An_263891
Reply: Poll: Natural Birth
I tried to get the epi but because of an infection i had at the time in my tooth which went to the bone...More
Posted by mommynwife2b
3 Month old baby sucking her thumb
Hi, My baby is 3 months old. She has started to suck her thumb these days. The frequency is so high that...More
Posted by An_261527
Reply: Pulling Hair
did you ever find out what this was from
Posted by undefined
Reply: colic calm for reflux?
Worked for our son. We started using colic calm after ranitidine and Prevacid did not work over the course of...More
Posted by An_259624
4 month old with congestion and 103 fever
My 4 month old was sick and on breathing treatments a few weeks ago with high fever we didn't know she had...More
Posted by cinnaburst3
Reply: excessive sweating
My 3 month old sweats a lot too! A lot! She sweats from her back and head and even leaves a sweat spot from...More
Posted by sjmurillo
Upset tummy or reflux?
My 14 week old son has had gas or upset tummy issues since he was born. Gas drops didn't work, we have tried 3...More
Posted by itzmitz
Reply: Over-the-counter medicine
saline drops and humidifers are definetly helpful in this situation. Also, if you take baby in the bathroom,...More
Posted by amason412
Reply: Possible abuse of my 5 month old.
if this is your concern, advise the doctor that you don't feel like just leaving with cream is sufficient. I...More
Posted by amason412
Heart Murmur
Hi, Just found out that my 4 month old son has a heart murmur. I have to now make an appt to see a...More
Proud mommy of DS (7/31/11) and DD (7/18/12)
Posted by mommyin2011
X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Download
X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Download ...More
Posted by zxvrhyukio
How to know the right nipple for my baby?
My baby is 13 weeks and we are still on the nipple N°3 and I had read read an article explaining that...More
Posted by jennifercha
Blood vessel cluster on white of eye, not a broken...
I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this. My baby was born with visible blood vessel cluster on white of...More
Posted by An_256484
My 4 month old baby fights with his feeding everyt...
Hi, I'm a mom of 2 and my 4 month old fights with his meal all the time. He was recently diagnose with UTI...More
Posted by kinniedaisy
Reply: Choking easily
you should have his Dr do a throat study my daughter did the same thing and it was caused by extra skin...More
Posted by keagansmommy
Reply: Cereal in Bottle Question
I am new on here but I give my on in a 4oz bottle half of a tablespoon of cereal and a whole tablespoon...More
Posted by 1davidwilliam
Reply: Flailing
I think it's normal; he's probably building his muscle. My daughter constantly kicks her feet and they're...More
Posted by DearAshleigh
Reply: wondering...
I started the 6 weeks postpartum.
Posted by DearAshleigh
my 5 month old just broke out in a rash
hi i'm a first time mom and i gave my 5 month old her medicine and she broke out in a rash . wont give her...More
Posted by An_251795
5 1/2 month old with her tongue constantly out
My 5 1/2 month old daughter constantly has her tongue just sititng out, she has done it since she was a...More
Posted by bflowers12210
My Dayton is 5 mths and 2weeks old, and he is sitting on his on for a short period of time. He loves to sit...More
Reply: Baby Sleeping Yet?
You were just extremely lucky the first time around! Babies typically don't sleep through the night for...More
Posted by scperdomo7
Newborn Baby Bathing Tips for Mothers
Baby's arrival whether it is a first child or a third one, it is a special and momentous time in a...More
Posted by surveywords
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Reply: Sleeping through the night
It could possibly be because your baby is teething. My baby is 5 months old and already starting to teeth....More
Posted by KellyCika
Reply: Exersaucers
When we bought our first exersaucer, he really enjoyed with it. Yes it will be a little pricey but if you want...More
Posted by jex2013

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Hi All!! I have a wonderful little baby boy who was born on 5/24/11. He is the greatest baby! So good! I have been blessed! I also have two brittany d...More

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