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Vomiting every few days after breastfeeding?
My little girl is shy a week from being 3 months old and just started vomiting like crazy. She vomited 5...More
Posted by lilygracesmom
My son is 5 mo old and not sitting up...
My son is 5 months old and will not sit up everytime I try to sit him up it feels like he is pushing back...More
Posted by ahigashi
Teething at 2 months?
My daughter just popped through two teeth at 9 weeks old. However they are not the front top or front...More
Posted by luvmylilypad
Forked Tongue
My little girl is 5months old..I have noticed her forked tongue for several months now. I did not think...More
Posted by TLC_JCAC
Extinction Method for Sleep Training
I hope you'll indulge me for this long sleep question: We finally tried Extinction after weeks of...More
Posted by An_242749

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sick baby for 3 months
My little one got sick the 1st of October she is 5 months old now but she is still running a low grade...More
Posted by melissiahead
4 month old baby vomiting blood
would like to no why my 4 month old baby is vomiting blood More
Posted by jodym72
carseat expiration
Hi ladies, I'm from the 2-year-old board. I am posting on this board because I thought this subject might be...More
Posted by QTpie2009
Son tilts head to right side
At my son's 2 month apt. he had a pretty bad case of flat head. The Dr examined him and said that its because...More
Posted by MSettle78
My 4 1/2 month old has diarrhea(sp) but is not deh...
It's just in the morning and at night. He only drinks formula and the diarrhea isn't making him sluggish. I...More
Posted by merbearz
My son is 5 months and he still cant suck on the paci enough to keep it in his mouth. We have to sit there...More
Posted by MSettle78
Rapid weight gain - should I be concerned about ob...
Hello All, My precious LO is 11 weeks old. Her birth weight was 6lbs 3oz (25th percentile). She weighed 12.5...More
Posted by amr4434
Question about naps...
I have a 3 month old that I am in need of napping advice on.... She is a fabulous sleeping during the...More
Posted by Anon_136237
Hearing protection- Advice needed
I was hoping to get some advice from others..... I have a 3 month old that I need to find hearing protection...More
Posted by Martz3333
Motor Fume
My husband is a mechanic and to get some extra money hes working on car's out of our garage. Problem is when...More
Posted by MSettle78
today will be third time my baby has been puking please help me :[
Posted by An_241492
BM Question
This is a little TMI, sorry in advance. How many BM's are your kiddo's having a day? This past weekend was...More
JoAnna: 25, Kaleb: DOB 6/16/2011 4 months old, Duke (black chihuahua) 1 year, and Vash (rottweiler/lab mix) 2 years.
Posted by zabroza86
Pulling Hair
How do I stop my 4 month old from pulling on his hair? He has adorable curly locks but whenever he gets...More
JoAnna: 25, Marcus: 25, Kaleb: DOB 6/16/2011 4 months old, Duke (black chihuahua) 1 year, and Vash (rottweiler/lab mix) 2 years.
Posted by zabroza86
Sitting Up????
Hey all! I have a 5 month son. And it seems like he should be sitting on his own by now. And he sits great...More
ME 28 DH 39 DS born 5/24/11 2 Brittany Fury Sons (both 5)
Posted by wmatto83
Baby Food Question
Last week was my first time giving my 4 month old (almost 5 months) son some baby food (banana) on Tues, Wed...More
JoAnna: 25, Marcus: 25, Kaleb: DOB 6/16/2011 4 months old, Duke (black chihuahua) 1 year, and Vash (rottweiler/lab mix) 2 years.
Posted by zabroza86
Question about teething.
My LO is 14 weeks old. He is drooling an awful lot and is constantly chewing on his fingers. I was wondering,...More
Posted by camsmom11
My little guy is 4 months and when he was about a month or so, I would let him sleep with me. Don't get me...More
Posted by zabroza86
how do u...
just wanted to know how you counted ur LO's you count every 4 wks as a month or the day (the #) ur...More
Posted by Anon_125277
burning, itchy nipples?
I posted this early this morning under the breast feeding support community...seems like there is more...More
Posted by DeaMom
some one please read (:
So my soon is 3 months old and lately he has been getting supper fussy for no reason, i thought it was...More
Posted by An_240972
Good sale on diapers!
Just wanted to let everyone know about a really good deal I have found. Apparently, Pampers are changing their...More
Posted by sdadkin
First Tooth...
My DS2 is 5 and a half months old and he got his first tooth yesterday! My DS1 didn't get his first tooth until...More
Posted by sdadkin
Feeding Poll
I am first time mom just wondering if I am feeding my baby the correct amount or too much! I don't want him to...More
Posted by wmatto83
bloody noses
I'm fostering my brother's 2 month old twins. One of their noses bled this morning, but it wasn't a lot. It...More
Posted by NannyVal
Tummy time
My big boy hate tummy time ! EVERYTIME I put him on his belly he screams. He has no interest in it. Sometimes...More
Posted by MSettle78

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