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baby formla
Hi , does anyone her have there baby on nutrigamen from enfamil.
Posted by mybabies0931
Is this GERD?? baby boy is 3 months old now.. he has got some digestion problem since birth..i give him my...More
Posted by marrinarayan
Night nursing
Hi. I am new here. I have a daughter who is about 3.5 months old. She was born 10lbs, 7oz (yes,...More
Posted by ncmomandlawyer
Our 4 month check up
Today was my daughter's 4 month appointment to get her second set of shots and get her physical. She...More
Posted by Kristianasmom
Hey my 3 month old son has been having congestion at night here lately. When he was maybe a month old...More
Posted by butterflygirl_530
3 month old rolling over
My daughter who is 3 months old just learned to roll over. She's doing a pretty good job, but sometimes has...More
Posted by mommy10703
Teething, maybe?
I'm a first time mommy. My son is 5mo & I think he's teething. He's been drooling (for like a month...More
Posted by catherinerocks
New Here/Baby's first foods
Hi Everyone. My name is Ruth Ann. I have a 4 month old son, he is my first child and last night was his first...More
Posted by RAG885
Baby Food Question!
Ok Trying to see what anyone thinks, I can't find a place where it says this is ok or not so maybe you all...More
Posted by kay_kay75

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Is it ok to feed baby other foods than what the commercial people offer IE Mango and Plums?
sleep training question
My son is 5 months old. At his last appt his doctor said we should start putting him down when he's sleepy...More
Posted by wilemimom
rice ceral
Posted by Anon_58325

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When did you first give your baby rice ceral?
  • 1-3 months
  • 3 months
  • 4 months
  • 5 months
  • 6+ months
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Hi Everyone. I have a question about naps. When my baby was 0-3.5 months old she would take wonderfully long...More
Posted by Anon_58325

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How long is the average nap your 4 month old takes?
  • Short naps 30 minutes or less
  • 30-50 minutes at a time
  • 1-2 hours
  • 2 hours or more
  • other
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Going Back to Work
Hi Everyone...My baby was born in March and I have been lucky to be able to stay home with her for the past...More
Posted by Anon_58325
my 4 month old wont gain weight
hello, my son is 4 months old and he only weighes 10lbs 9oz. He had surgery when he was a month old for...More
Posted by taraw1228
four month sleep regression
Can anyone share with me their experiences with the four month sleep regression? My wonderful, sweet...More
Posted by lovelittlemarmy

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Did your baby experience a four month sleep regression?
Camping with a 5 month old
My husband's family is having a family reunion and this will be our first camping trip with our 5 month old...More
Posted by brewbaby
Posted by DLOLVT
End of swaddling...then what? Ensuring safe, warm...
Our 12 week old daughter always breaks free of her swaddle and HATES to have her hands tucked in. I know that...More
Posted by angievb6
baby bones poping
Help! is this normal? My four month old baby girl back cracks sometimes when we pick her up and when I'm...More
Posted by Emalee_16
Baby talk
I could have sworn I heard my baby mumbling words that I could understand at 3 months old! I told people she...More
Posted by An_222618
Breastfeeding and rotator cuff surgery tomorrow.
I'm having Rotator Cuff Surgery tomorrow, and I'm breastfeed a 3 month old. I've been pumping since last tuesday...More
Posted by cmoy
I know I saw this somewhere
By what age do babies normally double their birth weight? I am not overly concerned about my daughter but was...More
Posted by kay_kay75
Hi, Not really sure where to post this question, but figured someone might have the answer. I had my...More
Posted by An_222616
Hi, Not really sure where to post this question, but figured someone might have the answer. I had my...More
Posted by An_222615
7 Months and Sleeping
Posted by An_222613
2 Months and Sleeping
Posted by An_222612
Hello all, Im back! My names Chrissy and i had my baby on new years. Shes almost 4months... I was wondering...More
Posted by SkysMama09
3 months poops question
was it normal for his stage that my son poops just 1's a day? i stop breastfeeding for a couple of month ago....More
Posted by An_222611

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poops once a day at 3rd month is normal?
diapers, diapers
Hi out there. I am new to the community and to motherhood. I hoped to cloth diaper my ds, and have a...More
Posted by moandb
Eye Contact?
My daughter is 11 weeks old. She coos and smiles and seems active and happy. I have a a hard time getting...More
Posted by KimmieApples

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My name is Stephanie (23). I am mother to Graceyn Hope born Oct. 27, 2009. And wife to Thomas (23). We have two kitties Myla and Cosmo. I am 2-1-1 a...More

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