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Joined: 02/26/2010
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My name is Jennifer. I am a 22yr old woman with a DH-Tim-23 and a DD (Phoebe)-11-4-2009. My DH and I have been married sense 3-3-2007. Our little girl was born at 5lbs 5oz and 18.5" via c-section.

Right now we have taken in my husband's cousin so she could get her three boys back and to help her take care of them and her little girl. They are 8,5,2, and 10months. Some nights I feel like super-mom when I handle all five by myself and get dinner, baths, and bedtime done without a fight. Other nights I want to pull my hair out!

I hope my husband and I can find a house this year, and look forward to moving and letting DD have her own room to grow up in and play in.

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Reply: baby center
Lol, wow. I can't even access babycenter from work so it's good to know I'm not for real...More
Posted by Queenjen87
Reply: How Much Food???
In addition too. You're not replacing feedings yet, just introducing LO to solids. HTHMore
Posted by Queenjen87
Reply: Myspace Mommies
Only problem with creating a FB account is that you have to do it from a computer, not a...More
Posted by Queenjen87
Reply: Seriously WebMD???
I'm not a fan either. Then everyone who doesn't like the new format isn't going to be...More
Posted by Queenjen87
Myspace Mommies
I know a lot of the mommies on here have Facebook, but I don't! Anyone around here on...More
Posted by Queenjen87
Reply: Rolled Over
Whohoo Congrats on LO rolling I love it when babies figure out something new. It's...More
Posted by Queenjen87
Reply: I FINALLY found it!!
I believe the Newborn 0--3mo board because the Baby's First Year Exchange.
Posted by Queenjen87
What do you think of the exchange?
Posted by Queenjen87

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Reply: Hey! No Signatures?!?
OMG I don't like that! Now I won't be able to remember everyone's name ... everyone who...More
Posted by Queenjen87
Reply: New WebMD =S
Nope, not a fan yet either. I mean, the polls are pretty snifty, but I don't like how...More
Posted by Queenjen87