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Posted by laurawatkins
finger nail peeling
I'm so happy I seen this post onlinr my son god mom called me and told me my son fingernails was coming off I...More
Posted by mswnston

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hand foot mouth
My son had spots all over his body now his nails are peeling, my suspicion was the vitamins that i gave him...More
Posted by An_260273
Reply: My childs nails are peeling off?
Thank you for the post. My 3 yrs. old son had the same symptom. But I think he did had a high fever one time...More
Posted by tsripunya
Reply: Potty Training
Thanks, it helps to know I'm not the only one, your story sounds a lot like mine. But, I've tried what you...More
Posted by aprilcb
CDC HFMD- Complications
Thank you to everyone who posted about this!! My 12 month old had HFMD 4 weeks ago and I noticed his index...More
Posted by mariap1010
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Reply: My three year old son says his legs hurt
My 3 year old daughter complains of the same thing, usually says it's her knees though. I've read lot's of...More
Posted by crose1228
Reply: eating problems
Have you had him evaluated by his doctor? If not, that needs to be your first step. You say you are scared for...More
Posted by lenono97
my 3 year old daughter has been potty trained since she was 2 all of a sudden for the last two days she has...More
Posted by An_259393
my 3yr. old nephew
My 3yr. Old nephew had HFM last month and now on both of his hands his nails look like there decayed, my sister...More
Posted by aunty30
Reply: Potty Training: Boy Toddler Afraid to Release
My son is going through the same exact thing. He is 3 and half. He doesn't like the potty. He will sit on it,...More
Posted by mcnallyrm
Reply: Activites for 3 yrs old
hey , its a older one but, i hope it will be helpful for some one, leave kids to pick their interest, my niece...More
Posted by ananyaw
Reply: Bathtime
I have 3 1/2 yo twin grandsons and they have noticed the difference between us and them. They told me that...More
Posted by nana2twins
Reply: Please help RISPERIDONE
DO NOT LET THEM GIVE EITHER OF THESE!!!! my son at the age of 4 was put on both of these and the Resperidone...More
Posted by An_258336
Reply: Having trouble w my 3.5yo son wanting to go potty!...
worked in a preschool i was a 3 yr old teacher and i potty trained most of my children in a short period...More
Posted by spoiledbratmj
Back packing with a 3yr old.
Is it ok to climb Mt Fuji while backpacking our 3 year old son?
Posted by An_258075
My 3-year old grandson will not eat solids
My grandson would be 4 in two months. However, he does not eat solids. My daughter (his mother) has been trying...More
Posted by alok18
Normal Toddler?
Kaiser Permanente diagnosed my now 3 year old boy with autism on April 1st but I just see much. The only...More
Posted by tp2sad
My 3 year old daughter had whitish stool.
Should I be worrie that my 3 year old daughter stool was really light in color? Almost a whitish color.
Posted by treyski
Reply: is my son autistic?
Nothing to be terrified about unless you are uninformed. Autistic children can be just as productive and happy...More
Posted by ekacie
Reply: Screaming Toddler
My daughter is turning three and had tantrums and angry outburst frequently. We had a screening and found she...More
Posted by ekacie
Nails falling off
I just noticed my 3 1/2 yr old son's thumb nails are detaching from the base. He also suffered from hand...More
Posted by An_256861
Reply: TRIGGERS *3yr outburst of anger after a visit w t...
Question if she knows her mother & loves her? If so this is exactly something my sons go through &...More
Posted by An_256507
Is it too soon to worry
My son turned 3 in December and started preschool in late February. He had some initial difficulty adjusting...More
Posted by An_256297
Son biting to defend himself. What do I do?
My son is biting to defend himself. I received a call from the daycare today asking what they should do. My son...More
Posted by kerieks
my sons nails are peeling
hi my 3 year old boy finger nails and some of his oe nails are peeling, all i have been able to find out is that...More
Posted by hynes
Reply: Milk vomiting
Don't worry; it's pretty normal for a baby to throw up projectile every time. It maybe a little...More
Reply: My 3 year old is getting her top front 4 teeth pul...
Get a 2nd opinion NOW! I worked in the dental/ortho field for 5 years and pulling deciduous (baby) teeth is...More
Posted by momeriffic
My 3 year old is getting her top front 4 teeth pul...
Please help me my baby girl is 3 years of age and she has to have the top 4 teeth pulled out the doctors are...More
Posted by An_255149
My 3 year old is getting her top front 4 teeth pul...
Please help me my baby girl is 3 years of age and she has to have the top 4 teeth pulled out the doctors are...More
Posted by An_255149

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potty training
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