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Reply: Please help RISPERIDONE
DO NOT LET THEM GIVE EITHER OF THESE!!!! my son at the age of 4 was put on both of these and the Resperidone...More
Posted by An_258336
Reply: My childs nails are peeling off?
I was just freaking out when I saw my daughters fingernails uprooting from the base. I found this forum...More
Posted by lizwhitney79
Reply: Having trouble w my 3.5yo son wanting to go potty!...
worked in a preschool i was a 3 yr old teacher and i potty trained most of my children in a short period...More
Posted by spoiledbratmj
Back packing with a 3yr old.
Is it ok to climb Mt Fuji while backpacking our 3 year old son?
Posted by An_258075
My 3-year old grandson will not eat solids
My grandson would be 4 in two months. However, he does not eat solids. My daughter (his mother) has been trying...More
Posted by alok18
Normal Toddler?
Kaiser Permanente diagnosed my now 3 year old boy with autism on April 1st but I just see much. The only...More
Posted by tp2sad
My 3 year old daughter had whitish stool.
Should I be worrie that my 3 year old daughter stool was really light in color? Almost a whitish color.
Posted by treyski
I am the grandma of twins - 3-1/2 yrs, a boy and a girl. Son is a single parent. At what age should we...More
Posted by nicsmom92679
Reply: is my son autistic?
Nothing to be terrified about unless you are uninformed. Autistic children can be just as productive and happy...More
Posted by ekacie
Reply: Screaming Toddler
My daughter is turning three and had tantrums and angry outburst frequently. We had a screening and found she...More
Posted by ekacie
Nails falling off
I just noticed my 3 1/2 yr old son's thumb nails are detaching from the base. He also suffered from hand...More
Posted by An_256861
Reply: TRIGGERS *3yr outburst of anger after a visit w t...
Question if she knows her mother & loves her? If so this is exactly something my sons go through &...More
Posted by An_256507
Is it too soon to worry
My son turned 3 in December and started preschool in late February. He had some initial difficulty adjusting...More
Posted by An_256297
Son biting to defend himself. What do I do?
My son is biting to defend himself. I received a call from the daycare today asking what they should do. My son...More
Posted by kerieks
Reply: Potty Training: Boy Toddler Afraid to Release
I'm not sure if you will see this but I wanted to know if your son ever got over this fear and how. I am...More
Posted by ginabee500
my sons nails are peeling
hi my 3 year old boy finger nails and some of his oe nails are peeling, all i have been able to find out is that...More
Posted by hynes
Reply: Milk vomiting
Don't worry; it's pretty normal for a baby to throw up projectile every time. It maybe a little...More
Reply: My 3 year old is getting her top front 4 teeth pul...
Get a 2nd opinion NOW! I worked in the dental/ortho field for 5 years and pulling deciduous (baby) teeth is...More
Posted by momeriffic
My 3 year old is getting her top front 4 teeth pul...
Please help me my baby girl is 3 years of age and she has to have the top 4 teeth pulled out the doctors are...More
Posted by An_255149
My 3 year old is getting her top front 4 teeth pul...
Please help me my baby girl is 3 years of age and she has to have the top 4 teeth pulled out the doctors are...More
Posted by An_255149
early riser
Hi everyone! I have a feeling that I will be posting to this site a lot of questions. Lately, my son (he...More
Posted by balletblah
He is doing better. Actually, my boy goes through some stages and he moves on. I have talked to some...More
Posted by sandy20131961
Post Nasal Drip (runny nose/sinus infection)
Have a three year old boy whose nose has not stopped running for weeks. Has a cough to go with is due to post...More
Posted by An_254886
Reply: How to potty train a 3 year old
Give her some time, her life has been turned upside down by the move and not being with her parents anymore,...More
Posted by kay_kay75
Reply: hitting and scratching
Stop giving him a reaction, if he scratches you hold his hands and say "this is not acceptable and you need...More
Posted by kay_kay75
Reply: Vomiting
Does he have a favorite toy or blanket that he could clutch when Mom is not around? How about a shirt with...More
Posted by kay_kay75
Having accidents in 3 1/2 yo
Our 3 1/2 yo son has come home from daycare on a few recent occasions only to have a number 2 accident...More
Posted by dadfiftysix
Poison Help Stickers
This sticker features the Poison Help logo and toll-free number (1-800-222-1222) to call in case of a poisoning...More
Posted by hrsaemp
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Reply: Daycare woes
I'm having similar problems. see "hitting and scratching" above
Posted by sandy20131961
Reply: My 4 year old will NOT eat
Hi, Have you taken her to a doctor? My little girl had eating problems that started at about 7mo and by the...More
Posted by sebamum

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My name is Amber Rawlins. I have 3 children. Gloria just turned 3 on march 11th, eli will be two may, 19th and sophia turned 1 on april, 16th My child...More

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potty training
Can some give me tip on how to get a 3 year old to poop on a potty chair? My and wife have been trying for several months, he took to ... More
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