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early riser
Hi everyone! I have a feeling that I will be posting to this site a lot of questions. Lately, my son (he...More
Posted by balletblah
He is doing better. Actually, my boy goes through some stages and he moves on. I have talked to some...More
Posted by sandy20131961
Milk vomiting
Hello, Need advise my almost 3 year old has been drinking whole milk forever and a day per his doctor due...More
Posted by rockstardad
Post Nasal Drip (runny nose/sinus infection)
Have a three year old boy whose nose has not stopped running for weeks. Has a cough to go with is due to post...More
Posted by An_254886
Screaming Toddler
My son is 2.5 years old. He is healthy and smart in general. He is very adorable at home and also...More
Posted by brighterfuture1
Having accidents in 3 1/2 yo
Our 3 1/2 yo son has come home from daycare on a few recent occasions only to have a number 2 accident...More
Posted by dadfiftysix
MY 4 yr old Grandson has recently started vomiting whenever he cannot see his Mother If she leaves the room,...More
Posted by An_254246
hitting and scratching
My 3 y.o. is a scratching machine. He hits and scratches everyone. I go to put him in his car seat and he...More
Posted by sandy20131961
How to potty train a 3 year old
We recently started taking care of a 3 year old full time 7 months ago my husbands cousins baby to keep from...More
Posted by An_254065
frequent urination and wetting in previously nappy...
Hi, my 3 1/5 yo boy who was previously potty trained (daytime only) has started having frequent accidents. He...More
Posted by sebamum
My 4 year old refuses to eat claims she has hair i...
My 4 year old daughter for the past 2 months has refused to eat anything!!! She is claiming to have hair in...More
Posted by Sabismom
Daycare woes
My almost 3 yr old is having difficulty at daycare. Not wanting to share and lashing out at the other kids....More
Posted by oriocookie
TRIGGERS *3yr outburst of anger after a visit w t...
I am trying to research on the internet about (emotional triggers) in preschoolers .... my 3yr old niece is...More
Posted by msconnieb4
My 4 year old will NOT eat
Please help!! My 4 year old refuses to eat any solids She will only have juice and water and yogurt If...More
Posted by Mariamksi
3 year old speech help
Hi. I am new to the board a friend recommend this board as she mentioned she always got great advice from...More
Posted by mommyof4boys
Daughters teeth
concerned dad.... I noticed my daughters teeth this morning and it looks like a few of them are decaying but...More
Posted by An_253237
My daughter's grows wierd
My 3 year old's hair is not growing very well. top layer is longer than the layer underneath.Top layer is...More
Posted by An_253148
I have 2 sons, one is 3 and one is 2, and I am pregnant again. My 3 year old constantly cries for me, even if...More
Posted by MVP250616
Nails Peeling off
Wow I feel so relieved now... My son is 6 years old and about a month ago he had HFM disease. Never thought...More
Posted by ulloabus
Issues with anger
My 3 year old son, up until the end of 2012, was the most well mannered, well spoken, and sweetest three year...More
Posted by An_252902
How do you get your DD to go potty in the big potty? If we're out and didn't bring the potty chair ring,...More
Pround mommy to PJ (5) and Kylee (3).
Posted by tlkittycat1968
3yr old does not eat pretty much at all!!
hope this is normal. my son could go all day without eating.. he hates to eat. i get so upset because he...More
Posted by angelgirl86
She's gotta go..
I must admit, my dd is a little spoiled princess; but it's time that princess gets the boot out of my bed!...More
Posted by mikimom2010

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My 3 yr old won't go potty for his parents...HELP!...
My 3 yr old refuses to use the potty for us, but when he is at day care or at his grandparents house he goes...More
Posted by smlotz523
my 3 1/2 year old wont go to sleep
my son has been not wanting to go to sleep for about a year, but its getting worse, hes up till 4 and 5am...More
Posted by mtjalways
3 year old behavior problems
Hi everyone, I have a son and he will be 3 in July and I just don't know what to do about his behavior...More
Posted by AshleyRieane
Nutrtion and eating habits
My 3-year old is a very picky eater. He has been refusing to eat lunch at school to the point that we have now...More
Posted by hwk1019
3 year old violent behavioral
My son is 3 3/4 years old august . he'll be 4 right now he is smothering , putting belt around neck, hitting,...More
Posted by An_252206
my 3 yr old grandson just started to sturtter , just one day we are wondering why? any one know
Posted by An_252083

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  • why does a 3yr old just out of the blue start to stutter
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my 3 yr old grandson just started to sturtter , just one day we are wondering why? any one know
Posted by An_252083

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  • why does a 3yr old just out of the blue start to stutter
  • what could be wrong for a 3yr old to start to stutter
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