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Bleach baths -worried mom
My 3 yr old daughter got severe staph infection 2 months back. Physician recommended antibiotics and...More
Posted by An_248129
My 2year olds nails falling off!!
My 2year old daughters nails have started to peel off, they all started with white lines across the base and...More
Posted by lexiesmum
Weekly menu
I'm making out my list of meals for next week and need some ideas. What is everyone having for supper?
Posted by QTpie2009
Favorite movies?
Hey everyone! It's been a long time since we have been on! Hope everyone is doing good. Ava is about to...More
Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava (10/14/08) Natalie (4/24/12)
Posted by Jackie03291
NFP and husband help
My husband and I recently became Catholic about a year ago and decied together that we would use NFP. Well we...More
Posted by HW821
Laundry Gel Packs Mistaken for Candy - Be Aware!
These brightly colored, fun looking, laundry gel packs, mistaken for candy, have severely...More
Fun FIT Friday - Do the Chicken Stretch!
It's Friday! Time to relax and plan your weekend fun! While you are winding down from the busy...More
Staph Infection
My 3 year old has staph infection. This is the third time that it has happened. I just saw it at bath...More
Posted by krystalbarrett
Sippy Cup Nightmare
My daughter will turn 4 in September. She has a relationship with her sippy cup. It is her coping...More
Posted by OneConcernedMama
Potty training advice needed! DS hides when he ha...
DS turned 3 in May, and since I teach school, I thought that the summer would be the perfect time for potty...More
Posted by Stacey2005
Can the recent hot temperatures cause this?
My 3 yr. old grandson just returned from a week's vacation in Colorado (they drove) and has been throwing up...More
Posted by An_247163
Wetting the bed
DS1 has been potty trained for a long while now. He was actually pretty easy to train and never really had any...More
Posted by sdadkin
Is Your Child Ready for Preschool?
Does anyone have a three year old starting preschool this fall? Is your child ready? Do they...More
Swim Lessons!
yay! I'm so excited, I just signed up Ava for her first session of swim lessons. I think she is going to...More
Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava (10/14/08) Natalie (4/24/12)
Posted by Jackie03291
My 3 year old won't eat
10 days ago my daughter was eating a tortilla chip, and started screaming in pain. I think she swallowed a big...More
Posted by slneufer
My son wakes up with a stuffy/clogged up nose ever...
My son has been experiencing a stuffy/clogged nose in the middle of the night pretty much every night. At...More
Posted by kjabbott85
Want a Chance to Win $1,000 from WebMD?
Do you want to win $1,000 and 12 Months of WebMD the Magazine ? Of course you do! WebMD's ...More
Waking up in the middle of the night...
DS has always been a easy-going kid. He listens pretty well and is usually pretty good. Here lately though he...More
Posted by sdadkin
Would you want your kid to be an Olympic athlete?
The older kids have been glued to the TV watching the Olympics and I love hearing the background...More
Weekly Menu
We haven't done one of these in awhile. Hope you're all doing well! Monday - BBQ Chicken sandwiches Tueday...More
Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
Posted by jlynnpaine
nails chippipping off at the base
my nails have been chipping off at the base and i know that is from hand foot and mputh disease but i want...More
Posted by sports1231
Is it normal for a 3yr old not to talk?
My 3yr old daughter is not say full sentences, so you can't have a conversation with her, I was wondering if...More
Posted by Lanakutz07
For parents whose children have had their tonsils removed- how long was recovery and how long did you have to...More
Posted by QTpie2009
Mickey Mouse birthday party was a success...
Yesterday was my oldest son's 3rd birthday. We had his party in Mickey Mouse and everything went smoothly. My...More
Posted by sdadkin
Checking in!
So how is everyone doing? Figured I would post and see who was still lurking around, things have been super...More
Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava (10/14/08) Natalie (4/24/12)
Posted by Jackie03291
Best dog to get for a 1 yr old & 3 year old...
We want to get a dog for the kids. We found 2 Chocolate Labs on and we went and got them...More
Posted by sdadkin
Bladder Infection???
My daughter (3 at end of the month) just accomplished potty training!!! Yesterday I noticed a tinge of...More
Posted by bizemama
What Are Your Favorite Outdoor Toys and Activities...
In addition to the all time favorite - sprinkler, what are some of your 3 year olds favorite...More
FDA Bans BPA in Baby Bottles and Sippy Cups
Have you been concerned about buying products with BPA additives? Even though all baby bottles...More

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im a mother to a gorgeous 3 year old lil girl :) when she was born she was sick but she is 100000% better thank the lord.right now we r dealing with t...More

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If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this:
If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this: I ... More
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