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Best dog to get for a 1 yr old & 3 year old...
We want to get a dog for the kids. We found 2 Chocolate Labs on and we went...More
Posted by sdadkin
O.T. Biting
This is about my 14 month old, but maybe some of you have some experience dealing with...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: What does your 3 year old do to make you laugh?
Yesterday my almost 3 year old tried to lick my arm. I told him that wasn't very nice and...More
Posted by sdadkin
Need Advice on Separating...
My SO and I are separating We have two boys (one who is almost 3 and the other just...More
Posted by sdadkin
Over the past few weeks my DS (he turns 3 in July) has had this really bad attitude and has...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: Toddler with anger
My son will be 3 in July and he is going through a little bit of the same thing. He has...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: DD Screaming in the night
I have found that when my almost 3 year old wakes up in the middle of the night crying like...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: Baby shower likes and dislikes
At one of my baby showers my mother had me walk around with a tray with a bunch of baby...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: So hard, new to 3 yr old boards
My oldest doesn't turn 3 until July, but I know where you are coming from because I also...More
Posted by sdadkin
Reply: Anyone else...
My son is only 2 1/2 but when we were Christmas shopping with my mom he heard her call me...More
Posted by sdadkin