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My name is Tammy. I'm married with two kids PJ (5) and Kylee (3). I also have four stepkids and four stepgrandkids (3 boys & 1 girl). We also have two cats and one fish.

My son is special needs and is in a kindergarten class for kids with communication difficulties. He's also in speech therapy and occupational therapy.

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Reply: Help with PT... PLEASE!!!
It's nice knowing someone is in the same boat. My DS will also be 4 in Sept. and we...More
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Reply: help i am at a loss with my 3 yr old
I agree with the pp about having her evaluated for speech therapy. DS is in speech...More
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Reply: Therapies for 3 year old
DH takes DS to his appointment and says he enjoys them. His speech therapist says...More
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Therapies for 3 year old
DS is 3 1/2 and not talking so he's in speech therapy 1x per week, soon to be 2x per...More
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Things You Never Thought You'd Say
What are some things you never thought you'd hear your self say as a parent? For...More
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Reply: Bed Rails
DS is over 3 years old and still has the bedrail. He moves around so much we're...More
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Reply: Poll: Toys
1. What is DC's favorite toy right now? His sister's Leapfrong computer and his...More
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Reply: 9 days-and What to pack???
Plenty of socks. I wore the ones the hospital gave me and it's a good thing they...More
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What are your going to do & where? Stay home and watch tv Do you have a sitter?...More
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My SIL had a miscarriage, then her son, two miscarriages (one planned pregnancy, one...More
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