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Reply: NFP and husband help
I don't use NFP but a mommy over on the 4 to 5 YO board does. She isn't on all the time...More
Posted by sarah0323
Reply: Staph Infection
Lurking from a different board.... One of my boys gets recurrent staph infections. I...More
Posted by sarah0323
Reply: Best dog to get for a 1 yr old & 3 year old...
We have an English Bulldog. He is perfect for our family. We have a smaller one he only...More
Posted by sarah0323
Reply: OT Repurposing left-overs
Lurking... I repurpose leftovers. Here are some things that I do: Hamburger, Taco...More
Posted by sarah0323
Reply: What can I do???
One of my boys wasn't a premie but he has Asthma/Allergies/and easily gets sick. When he...More
Posted by sarah0323
Reply: Pets yet?
Lurking... My kids started asking for a cat when they were 8, 3, & 2. I'm allergic...More
Posted by sarah0323
Reply: Advice Needed
Lurking... I'll give you my honest opion and you can take it for what it is worth. I...More
Posted by sarah0323
Reply: Question for moms of 3 or more
Lurking.... I just had baby number #5. After I had my DD I always said I was done. Then...More
Posted by sarah0323
Reply: unmarried Mom last name ?
Lurking... When I had my DD her dad left after he found out I was PG. I gave her my last...More
Posted by sarah0323