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Vaccinating for kindergarten
We did not vaccinate our son. He is almost 5 now and we are preparing for kindergarten. I was wondering if...More
Posted by oliveoyl78
Reply: 4-year-old is suddenly afraid of having a bowel mo...
Is it possible that he had a painful bowel movement and either associates the toilet with the pain or is...More
Pround mom of PJ (6) and Kylee (4).
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Wheezing with a productive cough
My almost 5 year old son has a pretty noisy cough. He as been bringing up phlegm (voluntarily, so that's...More
Posted by virginialane
Reply: Security/stop finger sucking
Well from the Dr herself she said that this is why she is getting them. Im not looking for someone to tell me...More
Posted by hbaker28
Reply: Not Eating Enough Foods...advice please!
Have you had him evaluated for sensory issues? Some kids don't like certain foods because they don't...More
Pround mom of PJ (6) and Kylee (4).
Posted by tlkittycat1968
5 year old is so mean and defiant
Hi I'm stuck and don't know what to do anymore my almost 5 year old is so mean to certain other kids and very...More
Posted by sgairrett
Hidden/Buried Penis
I can't help but worry. My son just had his 4th birthday. He has had a hidden/buried/not visible/button penis...More
Posted by hmj5678
Reply: Son says he wants to be a girl.
would suggest that make him to feel like a hero. tell him about male cartoon heros like ben10 , pokemon etc.,...More
Posted by ananyaw
My 5-yr-old may have eaten disposable diaper
All, When my five-year-old came out of her room from her nap on Friday, she was pantsless and pieces of the...More
Posted by brianc75
Reply: Tonsillectomy Questions More
Posted by stylist_kp
Reply: I let my son watch superhero cartoons too early, n...
Wow! I'm having the same problem with my 4year old. School is starting to become a big issue( finger guns,...More
Posted by Anon_52728
Opinion about neighborhood kid
My son's friend who lives the next block over but pretty far down the block is 7 (8 in August). He rides his...More
Posted by Anon_14324
Reply: 4 year old talk less
I agree with the PP. Talk to your pedi or your local school district to see what kind of evaluations they...More
Me, DD - 14, DS1 -J 10, DS2 - Cr 8, DS3 - Co 7, DD2 - E 3
Posted by sarah0323
Reply: behavior problems
Please, have him evaluated! Talk to your pediatricain if you do not know where to start. It is in his best...More
Posted by lenono97
Reply: Still not talking at 3 years old
Nope, not normal. Your son needs to be evaluated. My son was the same way and has been going to speech...More
Pround mom of PJ (6) and Kylee (4).
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: 4 year old sick in the mornings- what could it be
I would make an appointment with the doctor before changing his diet.
Pround mom of PJ (6) and Kylee (4).
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Reply: Uncles death need pro input
I hope she's handling it better by now as I see this was posted a couple weeks ago. I agree with PP, I would...More
Posted by jlynnpaine
Reply: Boys with long hair
As long as they have the same requirement for girls then I am ok with it. If it is a special rule just for...More
Me, DD - 14, DS1 -J 10, DS2 - Cr 8, DS3 - Co 7, DD2 - E 3
Posted by sarah0323
4-5 year old going verbally unresponsive
Help. My step-daughter when in trouble or not getting to do what she wants goes completely unresponsive. The...More
Posted by An_256240
Reply: Obsessive behavior
Posted by cjpxx
Please Help
I have a 5 year old lil boy who refuses to listen to anything I say. He does listen to my boyfriend and does...More
Posted by An_255567
Re-enforce good counting techniques.
Use gold plastic coins to encourage counting. When the child does anything worthwhile or helpful give...More
Posted by An_255408
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Three easy steps to gain control of your out of co...
Loved the discussion about bribing or blessing our children.
Posted by myhappyface
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Reply: behavioral issues with 4 1/2 yo son
I know what you mean. Kids seem to know what buttons to push with us, probably because they have learned...More
Posted by myhappyface
Reply: 5 year-old with daily cough for over 1 month
I just came online today for the same reason. My % yr. old has had a cough since like end of Oct./November. I...More
Posted by lanalain
Reply: Super Bowl
We're cheering for the Seahawks since they're the closest team to us geographically. I can't imagine they'd...More
Posted by jlynnpaine
Reply: Snow Day!
Hey you. Sorry about the 2 year old and the pneumonia. What a hard combination. My 4-year old has a case of the...More
Esmerelda Supercalifragilistic (42) DD (6) DS (3) Just eat it, will ya
Posted by seeit2
Reply: 4 year old grandson
me and my kids both had a stomach bug a couple weeks ago. Same thing lots of vomiting, no fever, couldn't...More
Posted by laney0705
Reply: school project help
Thanks everyone! I am going to email you all in a little bit! My email address is Crunk05177 at aol dot com...More
Me (30), DH (32), DS1 - Michael (7) and DS2 - Nathan (4 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
Posted by crunk05177

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My name is Heather (29) and have been married for about 6 1/2 years to my DH (32). We got married on our 8th anniversary. We have two beautiful boys. ...More

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If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this:
If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this: I ... More
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