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4 1/2 year old Daughter puts everything in her mou...
My 4 1/2 year old daughter puts everything in her mouth. I'm worried about possible Anemia. She chews on...More
Posted by kterenzi04
Daytime Hallucinations with 4 years old girl
My 4 years old granddaughter is having hallucinations during the day and at night about snakes, bugs and...More
Posted by An_262240
General Disinterest
My almost 5-year old son just went through a pretty bad bought of strep throat/scarletina. Before the...More
Posted by An_261931
grandsons absent mother
My grandson who is 4yrs old lives with me (his grandmother).His mother my ex-daughter inlaw lives in another...More
Posted by prissylm
My son was born with fragile x but only has the lowest form of the premutation. Can anyone give me any advice...More
Posted by An_256297
Are probiotics good for keeping ear infections awa...
My 4 year old granddaughter had tubes put in her ears twice last year because she had continual ear...More
Posted by Anon_77389
Vaccinating for kindergarten
We did not vaccinate our son. He is almost 5 now and we are preparing for kindergarten. I was wondering if...More
Posted by oliveoyl78
Wheezing with a productive cough
My almost 5 year old son has a pretty noisy cough. He as been bringing up phlegm (voluntarily, so that's...More
Posted by virginialane
4-year-old is suddenly afraid of having a bowel mo...
Quite suddenly, my 4-year old is frightened of using the toilet for a bowel movement, so he's holding it...More
Posted by An_260843
Nail biting/finger sucking
My son will be 5 in January and has recently (over the last 8 or 9 months) started biting his nails and...More
Posted by elaynewright
Security/stop finger sucking
My 4 year old has sucked her fingers since she was 3 months old. She also carried around this bear/blanket...More
Posted by An_260045
5 year old is so mean and defiant
Hi I'm stuck and don't know what to do anymore my almost 5 year old is so mean to certain other kids and very...More
Posted by sgairrett
Hidden/Buried Penis
I can't help but worry. My son just had his 4th birthday. He has had a hidden/buried/not visible/button penis...More
Posted by hmj5678
My 5-yr-old may have eaten disposable diaper
All, When my five-year-old came out of her room from her nap on Friday, she was pantsless and pieces of the...More
Posted by brianc75
Opinion about neighborhood kid
My son's friend who lives the next block over but pretty far down the block is 7 (8 in August). He rides his...More
Posted by Anon_14324
4 year old talk less
My four year old is quite brainy he has learnt alphabets , numbers, rhymes can draw objects can name...More
Posted by An_257518
behavior problems
My four year old is very aggressive towards other children and also towards himself. Could a mental disorder...More
Posted by binakay31
Still not talking at 3 years old
hello, i have a son who will being turning 3 in July. He still does talk. He babbles. He does understand...More
Posted by mommyin2011
4 year old sick in the mornings- what could it be
hello im a mommy to two kids. i have a boy and girl. the past few weeks my 4 year old son has been...More
Posted by sunflowermomma30
Boys with long hair
What do you think of the school requiring a second grade boy to wear a headband or sweatband in gym bc his...More
Me (30), DH (32), DS1 - Michael (7) and DS2 - Nathan (4 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
Posted by crunk05177
Uncles death need pro input
We had to tell 5 year old DD her uncle 42 died today. She is very close to him, and use to seeing him almost...More
Posted by An_256403
I let my son watch superhero cartoons too early, n...
I didn't let my son look at any TV until after he was 2. Started off with the usual stuff (almost exclusively...More
Posted by igotapig
4-5 year old going verbally unresponsive
Help. My step-daughter when in trouble or not getting to do what she wants goes completely unresponsive. The...More
Posted by An_256240
Obsessive behavior
My 7 year old has been diagnosed with ADHD. He has always shown some signs of OCD and anxiety as well. The...More
Me (30), DH (32), DS1 - Michael (7) and DS2 - Nathan (4 - severe peanut allergy and an egg allergy)
Posted by crunk05177
Please Help
I have a 5 year old lil boy who refuses to listen to anything I say. He does listen to my boyfriend and does...More
Posted by An_255567
Super Bowl
Anybody excited about the Super Bowl? I'm NY Giants (Jersey girl born and raised) fan but since I've been...More
Posted by laney0705
Snow Day!
Brrrr..... It's cold here in St. Louis! Our high today is 0, and windchills are terrible. We are...More
Emily (8) Elizabeth (6)
Posted by mrswhitecastle
behavioral issues with 4 1/2 yo son
My son is 4 1/2, when he is with me (his Mom) he does not listen, follow rules. He is very defiant towards me....More
Posted by zsangel
4 year old grandson
Vomited 3 am no fever, cannot keep tiny bits of water or tiny ice chips Ate a whole lot of blueberries...More
Posted by soxchick

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Currently in Rhode Island, DH is active duty military. We've been here a bit over a year, it's our 5th duty station since we were married 11 y...More

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If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this:
If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this: I ... More
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