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Hope everyone stays safe. We are in south central PA so we are preparing to get hit. What...More
Posted by BekahS
Reply: Cat bites
Im glad you looked into it and caught it early! I've seen this happen so many times working...More
Posted by BekahS
Reply: Back!!
Good news! Avery got on the bus this morning with no tears..nothing! She has a wonderful bus...More
Posted by BekahS
Reply: Start Saving for Braces
I have to post....I've been the treatment coordinator/head assistant at an orthodontic...More
Posted by BekahS
Reply: What is your morning school routine?
I have yet to actully employ this...but here's my gameplan. Alarm goes off at 5:15am Get...More
Posted by BekahS
Reply: Peanut allergies and school
Avery does not have any allergies to date parents night for kindergarten the faculty...More
Posted by BekahS
Reply: ROLL CALL! (and ? about community name)
Name: Rebekah Kids/school plans: DD Avery: turned 5 in July. Starting Kindergarten...More
Posted by BekahS
I guess I took the summer off. New baby and Avery home all day has left me no time for this...More
Posted by BekahS
Reply: Summer Entertainment
Thank you ladies for all the ideas. Avery does go to preschool but not for the summer. She...More
Posted by BekahS
Reply: First day of summer break
Sounds like a busy yet fun day. I have Avery at work with me today. It will be a long day....More
Posted by BekahS