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6 month old eye watering?
Is it normal that my six month old eyes tend to water, usually when she wakes up but sometimes there will...More
Posted by newmommy227
feeding my 6 month old too much
my 6 month old daughter gets cereal with bananas mixed in (pureed gerber) and also gets a vegetable and fruit...More
Posted by bimbi68
My 7 month old screams alot
I was wondering if it is normal for my baby to scream alot? It not because of pain or dicomfort. She...More
Posted by orphanannie550
Is constantly sleeping in the swing bad for babies...
My 7 month old daughter will ONLY sleep in her swing! Every since about 3 month she will only sleep...More
Posted by abennett1002
My 7 month old just doesnt like to sleep without m...
My son is 7 months old and i feel like i created a monster with his sleeping habit. He was never a good...More
Posted by ashmommy5
7mth old with fiber cystic breast
does anyone else have a daughter or child with lumpy breast. my older children had that when they where born...More
Posted by Nannie987
7 month old still spits up
Hi does anyone else's baby spit up at 7 months old? she also chockes alot and asperates. What can I do? My...More
Posted by truelovely8
Crib Rails/Head Indent
Our baby girl has started sleeping in her crib for the last few weeks. We were told it is a better idea to...More
Posted by goodfella114
My 8 month old likes her grandma better than me!
I live with my parents right now, but I'm the one that is with her and taking care of her 24/7 (except the...More
Posted by jaime101510
7 1/2 month old only wants to sleep in her carseat
Does anyone else have a baby who does this? If I try and lay her in her crib with the matress elevated she...More
Posted by An_222316
Bump Under Nipple?
When I picked up my daughter tonight to burp her after a feeding, I felt a hard little bump on her chest....More
Posted by naynaypooker
Should I be Worried ??????
ok my 7 month old son Brandon he loves to lay on his back ! He rolls from side to side he holds his...More
Posted by kellybrandonmom
my 61/2 month old baby fell off my bed and landed on his forehead he has a knot there now but after...More
Posted by worriedmomma25
7 month old not sleeping
My 7 month old is still not sleeping though the night. She will sleep about 5-6 hours and wake up. When she...More
Posted by An_222315
seven month old coughing- appears to be allergies?
My seven month old grandson started on Friday being listless and sleeps alot, yesterday he started coughing. He...More
Posted by ksdaile
dry skin and water intake for babies
hey everybody...i have a 5 and a half month old baby and he has a very dry skin on forehead and sides of his...More
Posted by humakhan12
my 6 month old is coughing really bad and wheezing...
my 6 month old is coughing really bad and wheezing when he breaths what could it be?
Posted by katelyn24
Feedings and sleeping through the night
I have an almost 8 month old, 6 months develepmentally because she was 2 months premature, girl who won't sleep...More
Posted by nyoka4u
7 month old with bad couph.
my daugther has a couph for a while. is there anything at home or over the counter i can give her to help?
Posted by 7mthsmom
My 7 month old isn't drinking a whole lot. He's not interested in the bottle at all and yesterday only drank...More
Posted by MrsL9
finger foods
My daughter is 7 months today, When can i start her on things like the puffs so she can start practicing...More
Posted by jmrb0414
7 month old baby bones
my daughter is 7 months old and when i pick her up her bones pop and make a cracking noise,mostly in her...More
Posted by sadiesmom25
what should i do when my boy is diagonised with as...
what is the treatment of asthma in 8 old months baby
Posted by An_222314
Black poop :S
So my son is just 6 months old and yesterday he had some blackish looking poops. Usually his BMs arent hard but...More
Posted by MrsL9
A question about my 7 months old eye
Hello everyone. I have a 7 month old daughter ( almost 8 months old now ). Every day, she gets these...More
Posted by mrsshapiro85
Im so worried about my son. He is 6 mos old. For nearly 3 mos he has been going through some issues...More
Posted by IndependentMommy
Does your family have an emergency plan? Water, fl...
I live in earthquake country (Los Angeles) and am not as prepared as I need to be - especially with...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
too old to swaddle
My daughter is almost 9 months and used to love to be swaddled. She started sleeping through the night at 2...More
Posted by Debaroonie
Fever with teething?
My daughter (almost 9 mo)has a temp of 101. SHe looks like she could be getting her top teeth but was also...More
Posted by Debaroonie
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!!
My kid went to kindergarten in a giant red and white hat to celebrate during an assembly. Do you...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff

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