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My 7 month old isn't drinking a whole lot. He's not interested in the bottle at all and yesterday only drank...More
Posted by MrsL9
finger foods
My daughter is 7 months today, When can i start her on things like the puffs so she can start practicing...More
Posted by jmrb0414
7 month old baby bones
my daughter is 7 months old and when i pick her up her bones pop and make a cracking noise,mostly in her...More
Posted by sadiesmom25
what should i do when my boy is diagonised with as...
what is the treatment of asthma in 8 old months baby
Posted by An_222314
Black poop :S
So my son is just 6 months old and yesterday he had some blackish looking poops. Usually his BMs arent hard but...More
Posted by MrsL9
A question about my 7 months old eye
Hello everyone. I have a 7 month old daughter ( almost 8 months old now ). Every day, she gets these...More
Posted by mrsshapiro85
Im so worried about my son. He is 6 mos old. For nearly 3 mos he has been going through some issues...More
Posted by IndependentMommy
Does your family have an emergency plan? Water, fl...
I live in earthquake country (Los Angeles) and am not as prepared as I need to be - especially with...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
too old to swaddle
My daughter is almost 9 months and used to love to be swaddled. She started sleeping through the night at 2...More
Posted by Debaroonie
Fever with teething?
My daughter (almost 9 mo)has a temp of 101. SHe looks like she could be getting her top teeth but was also...More
Posted by Debaroonie
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!!!!
My kid went to kindergarten in a giant red and white hat to celebrate during an assembly. Do you...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
interrupted sleeping
my 7 month grandson has developed a habit of waking every couple of hours during the night. He isn't hungry,...More
Posted by An_222313
sleep habits
my 7 month old grandson insists on rolling to his belly while sleeping. I keep turning him back to his back...More
Posted by An_222312
8 month old with lump
I just found a lump under my 8 month old daughters left nipple. From what i've read, it is more than likely a...More
Posted by BluuJae
Trouble with Pooping
I have a 7 1/2 month old who has been having a lot of problems pooping. If we don't assist him, he MAY get...More
Posted by lillygirl831
Two part question -6 mo old son not pooping and co...
Hello My 6 mo old son has not pooped in 4 days. All week he has been fussy and during the night wakes up...More
Posted by Croix818
Pooping Herself Awake
I'm looking for some help. My daughter is 6 months old, and has always been a pretty good sleeper. We were down...More
Posted by kc_jane
Do you do date nights? Who babysits?
With Valentines Day right around the corner, hubby and I are scrambling to get a night out! Saw this...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Baby's getting his first tooth : )
Just had to share this.... My 6 month old son has his first tooth coming in!! At his 4 month appointment the...More
Erin, Josh & baby Lucas born July 26, 2010 - 9 lbs, 10 oz 21 inches
Posted by EMB2006
Runny nose..... sometimes green
My son just turned 6 months weights 20lbs(big boy). I think it has been like almost 2 weeks since he had a...More
Posted by malekalalis
Car Seat question
I posted this on the Baby's First Year board but thought I might get a response here too. I have a 6 month old...More
Posted by EMB2006
Teething ?s
I think my little girl is teething but I am not 100% sure yet. I was just wondering what you all have used...More
Posted by MandaBear815
5 Steps For Healthier Kids - And YOU too!
It's Thursday! Hope your week has been happy and healthy. The WebMD Parenting Guest Expert Tanya...More
Posted by Haylen_WebMD_Staff
Feeding Problems
I have a 7 month old baby that gags at every bite of table food. For the past week, he has been fussy at meal...More
Posted by An_222311
baby's with pimples
My six month old has a pimple on his chin. Is this normal? It had a little white head and when it came...More
Posted by jasonamyhenry
Welcome Haylen!
I just wanted to welcome Haylen our newest Moderator for WebMD. Please welcome her as she starts to...More
Posted by Chris_WebMD_Staff
6 month old
Is it normal for a 6 month old to growl?
Posted by rsmith416

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