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Reply: crawling
My father never crawled, and a HS friend of mine never crawled weither, they just started...More
Posted by jminer333
Reply: Weening my son off of bottles
My husband and I are trying for number 2. My son sleeps through the night, and has 3...More
Posted by jminer333
Reply: Sleeping though the night...
My LO slept through the night at 5 weeks. We used the "extinction" method and it worked...More
Posted by jminer333
Reply: 8 month old feeding schedules...
My son gets oatmeal and fruit when he wakes up, then formula, then mashed potatoes and a...More
Posted by jminer333
Reply: i am a proud new dad and need help.
Babies are resilient. I thought my husband played too rough. But my son loved it. Now he...More
Posted by jminer333
Reply: Milestones
Every child is very different. My son is 8 months. My son was rolling over at 3 weeks,...More
Posted by jminer333
Reply: need advice!
My son does the same thing when I get home. I only work weekends, so we are together all...More
Posted by jminer333
Reply: Solid foods????
I had my son on watery rice cereal at 5 weeks because he hate so much formula. Now he...More
Posted by jminer333
Reply: My 7 month old baby
My son is 8-months and loves playing peek-a-boo. He will crawl around a corner, and when...More
Posted by jminer333
Weening my son off of bottles
I have an 8-month-old son and my husband and I want to start weening him off his bottles,...More
Posted by jminer333