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Welcome Haylen!
I just wanted to welcome Haylen our newest Moderator for WebMD. Please welcome...More
Reply: 9 month old with no tears.
Hiya, I would say something to your pediatrician about this. Tell him/her about...More
Reply: 'Where are my baby's teeth?
Hiya, Baby's teeth come in at different ages. Nothing to worry about, but you...More
Reply: 7mo. old firm poop
Hiya, It's might be very normal for right now, it tends to change depending on...More
Reply: 6 month old babies
Hehehe. Yes it is. This is the age usually where they find their voice. They...More
Don't miss the Cookie Swap!
Join us and share your recipes here on our Food and Cooking Community. We'd love...More
Can you relate?
How to Cram a Life Into Your Crazy Schedule How do you give enough to your...More
Anyone Traveling?
Is anyone traveling for Thanksgiving? How do you travel with a little one? And...More
Reply: help.. he learned how to scream!!
Awww you don't want him to stop, that's how they learn to talk, (eventually) hear...More
Reply: breatfeeding and starting cereals
Please call your pediatricians office and discuss this with him/her. The doc...More